Episode 606 - Be the Best

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    Full Show Notes

    Happy New Year! Light news week. Lots of TV and movie talk. More #askpsnation feedback from the community. www.psnation.com

    36:15 Borderlands 2 VR
    47:45 Marvel’s Spider-Man
    48:00 Onrush
    53:10 Overcooked! 2
  2. andyscout

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    Obligatory post since Dave mentioned me.
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    MJC looks damn sexy in that banner
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  4. The1stMJC

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    If only
  5. tpaullin

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    Hey guys. Just a FYI. There isn’t a sub button on the Twitch mobile app. All subs must be done in a browser.

    Cheers fellas

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  6. Dave

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    This is on my phone. I actually need to re sub [​IMG]

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  7. tpaullin

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    Interesting. And just a little jealous. Haha.
    Not sure why it’s not universal. I’m with Verizon using an iPhone 7.

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  8. Farmerjohn_

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    Came to see the head phones. Not disappointed! Very funny find MJC!