Episode 603 - The Last Trophy

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    The holiday season is upon us as new releases dry up and awards shows abound. We discuss the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, The Video Game Awards, and a bunch of game announcements that came out of both. Rush VR is reviewed and Michael and Josh go down a Trophy rabbit hole because of a listener question.

    44:50 Review: Rush VR (PSVR)
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    #AskPSNation: My "one trophy left" that haunts me is MLB 15 The Show for PS4. I did everything in that game, and the last trophy I spent hours upon hours trying for is "Sorry Kid" - Catch a foul ball out of the field of play. Never could get in the right spot on foul pops, or they were always just out of my reach. Getting angry now just thinking about it. I do have the Platinums for 17 and 18 though.
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    #askPSNation my one trophy is the 500 bounty trophy for Diablo 3. Diablo 3 was the last game I told myself I would go out of my way to get a platinum, or any kind of trophy, for. And that was only because to get the Diablo 3 platinum, you don't really have to go too far out of your way; you just need to play the game and have fun.

    Well I'm nearly at 300 bounties, I think. It wouldn't take too many hours for me to sit down and get this trophy, but I'd rather just pop into the game every few weeks or months a chip away at this one. I WILL get it one day and it will feel pretty damn good.
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  4. #AskPSNation: "One Trophy Left" are 2 trophies really but for the same game and it's more of a protest that I didn't get them.......... hahahaha

    I love the Deus ex series and when Square announced Mankind Divided I was very excited, but as everyone knows by now the story behind the marketing was just the worst (the warning signs). So fast forward to release day and I finally get the game, I'm one of the few who actuality enjoyed it but 2 trophies I refused to get due to the micro-transactions nature of them, the Breach ones (Data Expert and Data Master).

    Gutted I didn't get the last 2 but I thought the game itself was brilliant. I drew a line in the trophy sand and maybe someone at Square saw this and said "Oh no, that dude didn't get the last 2 trophies we must do better in the future....." hahahahahahah ;)

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    The first Watchdogs. The drinking game trophy. I loved the game but that part made me give up on the platinum.

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    I think my “one that got away” is Rock Band 4. I’m one or two from platinum on a few games like Ratchet and Clank Crack in Time or Guacamelee 2, but most of those are further than they look since the last trophy requires another whole play through and I haven’t cared enough to play them again.

    Rock Band 4 haunts me because I’ve tried but can’t get it. My last trophy requires getting 5 stars on every song on expert. I have most of the songs 5 starred but there are 5-6 left that I can’t get. I love the game and I wish I could git gud and get the last few...
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