Episode 601 - The New Normal

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    Full Show Notes

    Back to a new normal after celebrating 600 episodes. Reviews of Darksiders III and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Impressions of Scuf Vantage controller and Fallout 76. What we’re playing and watching and some odd community questions using #askpsnation. psnation.com

    1:13:15 Persona 5 Dancing
    1:15:40 PacMan
    1:16:05 Minecraft
    1:16:55 Destiny 2: Forsaken
    1:17:25 Battlefield 5
    1:19:40 Scuf Vantage Controller
    1:27:28 Tetris Effect
    1:28:00 Call of Duty IIII
    1:29:40 Fallout 76
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    I like the new music and transitions!

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    lol at the banner
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    Banner is golden
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    There were definitely Vita games at E3 my first year and wasn’t that also Dave’s first year? Sony had a ton of indie games on Vita at their booth and I remember people at home getting mad cuz there weren’t any Vita games in the E3 presentation. But we were telling people on the podcasts that there were a bunch on the floor. I believe that was 2015

    The next year, my second year, was when there weren’t any at Sony’s booth and there were a sparse few at third party booths. Iirc we found more than one but not many. Last year, my third year we only saw the one but talking with other outlets one of the upstairs companies like NIS America had one we didn’t see. This year I didn’t see or hear of any.
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  6. Josh

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    Yes you did, with me, at the Little Dragons Cafe appointment. I played them.
  7. andyscout

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    Ah right, Aksys had that otome game. Forgot about that.

    Also, lol Josh found the receipts on the podcast. Guess I shoulda kept listening. ;)

    Also Dave calling me out on Persona...
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    Enjoying the new format.