Episode 592 - Telling Tales From the Arcade

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    The guys discuss Telltale Games closing and the state of episodic gaming. Reviews of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Operation Warcade and an early preview of the Arcade1Up cabinets. What we're playing and watching along with your questions using #askpsnation http://psnation.com

    1:09.36 Little Dragons Café
    1:18:08 Destiny 2: Forsaken
    1:25.43 Candleman
    1:28.10 Transference
    1:29:44 Arcade1Up
    1:52.44 Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
    1:58.25 Operation Warcade
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    The “I’ll only play it for an hour” you guys said for the PlayStation Classic is how I feel about those arcade cabinets. They sound very cool but I can’t see myself playing them enough to justify $300. Now, if they had one for DJMAX Technika...
  3. Josh

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    So far I gravitate over to them nightly to get in a few games. I can't overstate them surreal nature of having (essentially) a real arcade cabinet and games in my basement.

    Plus, when people come over they'll get a ton of multiplayer use.
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