Episode 586 - Los Santos is Mine

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    Full Show Notes

    Cross-Play is another hot topic this week with Bethesda again and a brief preview of Guacamelee 2. Reviews of Tempest 4000, Plantronics RIG 500 Pro headphones, and LEGO The Incredibles. What we're playing and watching along with your questions from #askpsnation.

    26:25 Red Dead Redemption 2
    35:01 Tempest 4000
    44:44 Plantronics RIG 500 Pro Headset
    58:25 Local Multiplayer Games
    1:14:00 We Happy Few
    1:26:24 Guacamelee! 2
    1:40:45 Snatcher
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    Hey Josh, did you guys ever discuss the PS4 Pro 500 Million console on the podcast? I don't recall it and I'd be curious to hear your guys thoughts on it.
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    Maybe? I honestly don't remember what we talk about week to week.
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    Holy shit. So they finally updated The Spectrum. I think Dave’s suspicions were correct about phillie winning forces their hand

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