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    Full Show Notes

    Dave returns to try to get the crew back on track. Reviews of The Mooseman, Anamorphine, and Airheart - Tales of broken Wings. Recap of Evo 2018 along with what we’re playing and watching.

    38:24 The Mooseman
    45:15 Anamorphine
    56:05 Airheart - Tales of broken Wings
    1:08:34 Destiny 2
    1:11:58 No Man’s Sky
    1:12:40 Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta
    1:18:10 Overwatch
    1:35:50 Grand Theft Auto V
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    Hey, an addition for your nuts and bolts segment: I am working on cutting the cord and recently installed Plex media server for broadcast TV DVR. Well, one of the recent updates now includes the ability to "serve" podcasts, and yes, yours is one their search returns. So, if you have Plex, you can retrieve the podcast that way, and you can listen on any device that can run the Plex app.
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    Josh and Michael, don’t be afraid of GTA Online. You can always make a private session, or a crew only session, then you don’t have to worry about trolls. There is still a group of us in the PS Nation Podcast Crew that still play regularly. We’d be happy to help you guys rank up.

    A lot of the content Rockstar released has to be done in public sessions, but you can still make a lot of money AND AVOID public sessions. From missions to races to heists, there is still lots to do with just friends. Generally, the more people playing, the more money you make when it comes to races, death matches, and adversary modes. Heists can generate a lot of money, but you need to have 4 players (no more, no less) for the Lester heists.

    I lost a ton of money in a public session a few months ago when some random blew up all my cargo in a public session. Since then, I’ve been avoiding public sessions like the plague! So I’d be happy to run crew only sessions with you guys!

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