Episode 584 - We Need a Chaperone

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    Full Show Notes

    While Dave is away, Michael and Josh go on a tangent filled romp as they discuss Marvel's Spider-Man going Gold, a release date for Electronauts, the success of the Overwatch League, Richard Marks leaving PlayStation for Google, creating female characters in NBA Live, and the continuing success of the PS4. And… Roman Reigns?

    16:23 Marvel’s Spider-Man
    23:10 Electronauts
    44:28 NBA Live 19
    1:19:40 No Man’s Sky
    1:26:55 Anamorphine
    1:40:45 MLB The Show 18
    2:17:45 MJC’s Wrestling Minute
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    I'll not stand for this slander! I quit! ;P

    Also, I got 2nd, thank you very much.
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    Just listening to the episode right now, after checking out some videos on YouTube, it appears that when you play the Genesis collection in PSVR, you can play in the room in front of the virtual TV.

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