Episode 583 - Mosstified

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  1. Josh

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    Full Show Notes

    Do you want to win a physical copy of Moss? Let us know in this thread.
    3 winners will be selected randomly next Wednesday August 1 at 10AM Eastern.

    The guys discuss the new Spider-Man themed PS4, the return of Stewart Copeland to the Spyro franchise, layoffs at Codemasters Evo, and how to win a physical copy of Moss for PS VR.

    36:28 Forgotton Anne
    42:25 Runbow
    45:12 Destiny 2
    55:52 Onrush
    1:00:09 Lumines
    1:00:54 PixelJunk Monsters 2
    1:14:54 Tempest 4000
    1:18:52 Airheart - Tales of Broken Wings
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  2. coalponfire

    coalponfire Member

    Very Nice!

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  3. PSfan4Life22

    PSfan4Life22 Member

    One of the best PSVR games! I own it digitally but would love a physical copy.
  4. DrZeiss

    DrZeiss New Member

    Winning a copy of Moss would be a very nice addition to my slim selection of PSVR games.
  5. Justin Branum

    Justin Branum New Member

    Moss Moss Moss!

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  6. Tymer

    Tymer New Member

    Would love to play Moss! Need more game choices for the vr
  7. andyscout

    andyscout PSN: andyscout Staff Member

    Can I be in the running for Moss?? Great game!

    Earhart sounds kinda cool. Might have to check that out.
  8. Anguawolf

    Anguawolf New Member

    Please put me in for a chance at Moss as well.

    You guys are getting better at the podcast thing.

    Josh, I mostly agree with you about the “Ready Player One” movie, but there is a part that alludes to Parzival being too poor to afford to take the place Ache saved for him in the race and that he had to scavenge for coins to fuel the car.
    I think I enjoyed it far more because I saw the movie before experiencing the book. (Parzival didn’t even meet ART3MIS until after he got the egg, too. I can see why they changed that.) Still, I enjoyed both.

    Oh..and you can pass that copy of Moss my way anytime. Wink wink.
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  9. Anguawolf

    Anguawolf New Member

    And I am NOT a new member! I just don’t comment much.
  10. CA-FOD

    CA-FOD Active Member

    Moss, yo!


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  11. Beram

    Beram Member

    Enjoyed the demo of Moss. Would love to win a copy of the full game.
  12. bodath

    bodath New Member

    Hope I am not too late for Moss
  13. Ed Schilke

    Ed Schilke New Member

    I would love the Moss Game!!!
  14. TheLastOfNad

    TheLastOfNad New Member

    I like Kate Moss
  15. Gusbone

    Gusbone New Member

    Hi Josh, please add me to the list for Moss. Thank you!
  16. tpaullin

    tpaullin Well-Known Member

    F Batman. Moss bye.

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  17. OmegaSpider227

    OmegaSpider227 Moderator Staff Member

    I'd like to be on that Moss list. This is as good as any place to get back into the forums.

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  18. ifreet

    ifreet New Member

    Please put me in the entry for Moss but will you ship to Japan?
  19. elchorno

    elchorno Member

    I’d love to give Moss a try. Haven’t used my PSVR in a few months, this would be a great reason to jump back in.
  20. Gruel

    Gruel Member

    aw man, sorry to hear about Road Rash 64 not holding up. I happened to throw that in a couple years ago, and I still find it a decent game. Yeah it may suffer from the rampant muddy/foggy-ness of most n64 games that stick out badly today, but give it a few races and I was back in the thick of things in no time. Loved doing wheelies over cars in that game, and I loved the occasional career mode race where they just overwhelmed you with cops that took out your rival racers in minutes and the goal of that race was to survive. Great times in that game! A racing game for N64 I just threw in yesterday though that does not hold up is Monster Truck Madness 64. The steering and controls are absolute rubbish!