Episode 581 - Sit On It MJC

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    Full Show Notes

    Shenmue 1 and 2 get a release date, a surprise about Nathan Drake, and the guys get deep into the Fortnite debacle in #AskPSNation.

    19:23 ONRUSH
    19:34 LEGO The Incredibles
    19:51 MLB The Show 17
    20:59 Minecraft
    27:40 Resistance: Fall of Man
    31:55 Elder Scrolls Online
    32:11 Super Stardust Ultra
    33:06 A Hat in Time
    36:15 Spectrum Retreat
    37:00 Pokemon Go
    38:10 Overwatch
    47:51 Unraveled 2
    48:02 The Crew 2
    49:36 Destiny 2
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    Dudes, I recently (within the past 6 months) played through the majority of Resistance: Fall of Man in co-op and it is still a blast to play. I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that the game holds up well or if it is because it is, and has been, a fun couch co-op game.

    Not sure how it is by yourself, but cooperatively it’s a blast.

    Ps. I also recently finished Resistance on the PSP and I thought it was a great game. I agree with Josh that this would be a fun one to have a HD-ification done.

    Certified trophy hunter.

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  3. Josh

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    i really want to go back and play it again