Episode 580 - It's Alive, ALIVE!

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    Full Show Notes

    Alive after a brief E3 break, the crew breaks down the Cross-Play issues plaguing Sony, PS Vue price increase and what we're playing and watching.

    47:05-LEGO The Incredibles
    50:05-SEGA Genesis Classics
    1:08:05-Unravel Two
    1:10:15-The Crew 2
    1:10:40-Destiny 2
    1:19:25-Laser League
  2. Farmerjohn_

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    This is my favorite banner ever.
    looking forward to the sorting video.

    Didn't the FB page get deleted at one time?
  3. Dave

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    Facebook group was shut down

    But we still have a page that you can like

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  4. Farmerjohn_

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    Oh ok. I dont use fb very much, let me go on over and give it a like. So much power!
  5. andyscout

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    I picked up Lumines on PS4. Playing on a TV doesn't bother me and I want trophies.
  6. jahonius88

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    Thanks for answering my question! (The one about gaming fatigue)

    I was shocked to hear that Josh never had gaming fatigue in his entire life!

    And I also agree with Michael that he gets fatigued looking at his pile of backlog

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  7. JHall03

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    i can relate to having "gaming fatigue" due to the amount of games I have to choose from. I always just fall back to something that's easy and enjoyable to me.

    I noticed this podcast had game music at the end. Keep it up :)