Episode 565 - A Far Cry for PS Plus

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    Full Show Notes

    12:40- Detroit: Become Human
    56:40- Far Cry 5
    1:22:18- Yakuza 6
    1:28:22- Overwatch
    1:31:25- OK K. O. Let’s play heroes
    1:33:35- Wipeout Omega
    1:52:40- Moss
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  2. Does anyone know why Taiko No Tatsujin PS4 isn't coming to the states? It's already in English
  3. Dave

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    No idea but I will try to find out

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    No publisher I assume
  5. andyscout

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    Re: patches on PS2.

    There were some. Final Fantasy XI, the MMO, was on PS2 and that had patches. Had to have the PS2 HDD to play it.

    And actually, I remember a story about one of the Ratchet games having to hack their own EULA to patch an online multiplayer issue. They were few and far between but some PS2 games had them.

    Edit: found the Ratchet story. Since I assume the game did this every time you played online, I guess it's not a patch strictly speaking. Still kinda funny though. https://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/194772/
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    Some comments on this episode:

    1. Not every game needs multiplayer or co-op. I'm talking about Far Cry 5 here. Also I happen to like the way the co-op works with progression. You jump in and help me with some hard stuff and then leave. It doesn't change your progression or game. (just mine) I think they got it perfect. :)

    2. Maybe the ESRB needs to add a new label to the PS Nation podcast: Contains Spoilers. If it is not Michael spoiling the end of Yakuza 5 ... btw telling a spoiler first and then blurting out spoiler after isn't the coolest way to handle spoilers ... then it is Dave spoiling the beginning of Far Cry 5. Yes, it may happen in the first 5 minutes of the game but now I already know how it starts. :(

    Come On Man!!! LOL
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    I saw the beginning of point number 2 and was worried I'd done something wrong.
    Yay! It wasn't me!!
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