Episode 552 - Two Blues and a Token

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    Full show notes

    New releases. Farpoint just got PvP. PS Plus Dec 2017 update. Mega Man 11 announced. Jak and Daxter PS2 Classics coming. PSX. Review of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. Comedian is Dana Gould

    13:50 - Farpoint
    25:02 - Mega Man 11
    1:39:17 - Destiny 2
    1:42:44 - UFC 3
    Break music from Jak and Daxter - The Lost Frontier
    1:50:51 - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
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    I got the e-mail for the 14-day PSVR trial. You have to give them a credit card and will get charged $299.00 if you do not return it. It says in the e-mail it is a Trial bundle that include Skyrim and demo disc. Doesn't look like it has move controllers and doesn't mention if it is the old or new model in regards to pass-through.
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    I'm also hoping for a new Killzone announcement at PSX. I really like the lore of that series as well as the gameplay.
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    Oh I see how this is. Calling me out on the podcast. Well two can play at this game, Glenn. ;)
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    Can you provide a direct link? LOL