Episode 547 - Evil Raw Turismo

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    Full show notes


    New releases. Paris Games Week. Playing & watching. Extra Life is THIS WEEK! Reviews of Raw Data, Gran Turismo Sport, and The Evil Within 2. Comedian is Hannibal Burress

    17:05 - Paris Games Week
    1:13:46 - Super Mario Odyssey
    1:16:43 - GTA V
    1:18:16 - South Park: The Fractured But Whole
    Break music from Bubsy
    1:31:32 - Raw Data
    1:44:00 - Gran Turismo Sport
    2:03:27 - The Evil Within 2
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  3. Did they show off anything for Bravo Team at Paris? Game is supposed to be out next month, right? Haven't seen much on it
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    Yeah I saw that. Kinda odd. Doesn't seem to be a "definitive" edition with dlc or anything.
  6. After coming out of a communications black hole for five weeks. It's fun listening to episodes out of order and the predictions being off base.
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