Episode 541 - End of a Streak

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    Full show notes

    New releases. LA Noire coming to PS4. SportsBar VR gets Cross-play. Pinball FX3 release date. Playing & watching. Reviews of Madden NFL 18 and bionik Mantis Headphones for PS VR. Comedian is Patton Oswalt

    23:01 - LA Noire
    25:09 - SportsBar VR
    30:25 - Pinball FX3
    38:26 - Destiny 2
    45:45 - NHL 18
    Break music from Ridge Racer R4
    56:25 - Madden NFL 18
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  2. For anyone interested, there is in fact a bundle for Superhot and Superhot VR https://store.playstation.com/#!/en...ndle/cid=UP2613-CUSA09030_00-VRANDNONVRBUNDLE

    Price ends up being $20 for each instead of $25. How different they are from each other, I don't really know as I only have the VR version. From videos I've seen, the normal version has menus not in the VR edition, but the levels might all be just the same
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    Good. Glenn will finally stop streaking. ;)
  4. What are the biggest games out there in size!?! I keep worrying about the sword of Damocles called Comcast, several of my games are 40 GB and above, the Witcher 3 sits at 69 GB. Horizon is the last physical game I bought, pretty much everything else is digital.
  5. DOOM is like 90+ GBS because of all the MP patches. Uncharted 4 and TLoU I think are 40+, but you can decide whether or not you want the MP/SP installed
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    Elder Scrolls online is over 100gb now and needs like 40gb of free space just to update... its the reason I had to get a 2tb drive

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    I'm sure my copy of Rock Band 4, with like 600 songs is getting pretty big.
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    Nice to see Camden Yards in the header for this one. ;)
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    Well I had to pull from the Cal Ripken streak pics and do some modifying.