Episode 538 - Suddenly Struck Dark

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  1. Torgo

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    Full show notes

    New releases. Yakuza 6 release date. We Happy Few coming to PS4. Pinball FX3 importable tables detailed. Playing & watching. Josh’s report from Play NYC. Review: Sudden Strike 4. Email. Comedian is Brian Regan

    21:20 - Yakuza 6
    23:52 - We Happy Few
    27:39 - Pinball FX3
    43:56 - Forza Motorsport 6
    47:00 - Lawbreakers
    48:29 - Archangel
    49:43 - Apollo 11 Experience
    Break music from Parasol Stars
    1:09:06 - Warhawk
    1:55:08 - Sudden Strike 4
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  2. Brad Custer

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    Already a great episode when you have a tangent about Hershey's Chocolate World (that's what the tour/place is officially called). That was always a good thing to do on a hot day to get a break and enjoy the A/C. It would give you a mock tour of factory which reminds me a lot of the original tour in Jurassic Park.
  3. Carl_S

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    That Giant Drop at Great America Gurnee scarred me for life. I was never that great with heights but after one ride on that I am now at another level of fear when it comes to heights. Later that night we went to the Signature room at Hancock (95th floor) and I could even get within 8 feet of the windows. Again, scarred for life. :(
  4. Torgo

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    Wuss :p
  5. Carl_S

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    I know, right. :)
  6. Carl_S

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    Was the Destiny 2 post the one hinted about on the podcast? (the big reveal on Thursday maybe)
  7. Torgo

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    Yes, working on video as well, and Dave and I recorded a segment for the next podcast
  8. John B. aka Johni3w6

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    Miss the days when I worked close to Hershey and could smell the chocolate in the air.