Episode 537 - Joshless and Drakeless

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    Full show notes

    Michael fills-in for Josh. New releases. New tables revealed for Pinball FX3. Eve: Valkyrie gets big changes. No Man’s Sky receives huge update. Playing & watching. Review of Lawbreakers. Review of Uncharted: Lost Legacy. Comedian is Eddie Murphy

    14:23 - Pinball FX3
    22:30 - No Man’s Sky
    31:22 - Bit Bash
    57:10 - Warriors All-Stars
    Break music from Devil’s Crush
    1:31:27 - Lawbreakers
    1:56:50 - Uncharted: Lost Legacy
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    HDNet is AXS TV now. (Few years now)

    They have that New Japan Wrestling on that channel weekly I believe.
  3. Torgo

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    Well, there's still HDNet Movies Mr. Smartypants...
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    try to help a guy out and ... :D:D:D
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    I would like to be playing Ghost Recon Wildlands but instead I am binge watching Last Chance U.

    I wonder how that happened? :)
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    SO GOOD!
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    Yes, I tore through season 1 the first night and 6 of 8 on season 2 the next night. Sunday I did play Ghost Recon Wildlands so I have the last 2 still to watch. Pretty much what you said on the podcast when it comes to how it is. I could never have Britany Wagner's job. (I would snap!)

    Thanks for the recommendation
  8. Carl_S

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    Finished the last 2 episodes of season 2 and because of events that were revealed I am thinking there may not be a 3rd season. :(
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    After this episode, I was walking down the middle of the street in my underpants, one slipper on my foot and my robe hanging off my shoulders crying like a baby and screaming at the top of my lungs, "Where is my trophy wife? JOSH!!!" But Josh never came...as I type with the last bit of power on my cell, I'm curled up in a dumpster hugging my makeshit Josh on a stick.

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