Episode 532 - Get the Knack

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    Full show notes

    New releases. Destiny 2 PS4 Pro bundle. Castlestorm coming to PS VR. PS4 games added to PS Now. Logitech buys Astrogaming. Playing & watching. Review of the Razer Panthera fighting stick. Emails. Comedian is Marc Maron

    14:55 - Destiny 2
    19:01 - Castlestorm VR
    20:06 - Horizon Zero Dawn
    32:14 - Knack
    55:14 - The Golf Club 2
    Break music from R-Type Complete
    1:38:37 - Tekken 7
  2. Someone just robbed my house during one of my missions at Fort Stewart, I had to drive 2 1/2 hours to get to my house to find out what was stolen. For the playstation stuff, the best that customer service can do is tell me to deactivate my systems? I already changed my login passwords and deactivated the system. Other giving the serial numbers up to the police is there nothing more that can be done? Will my stolen PS4 Pro trigger their network? My PSVR and several games, etc. were taken; I'm already looking at several grand gone in one day.
  3. Dislike! :(
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    Damn, sorry to hear that, @Mashimato!
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    Sorry for posting this after @Mashimato's tragic incident, but I have to.

    Dat feeling when my email gets read on PSNation podcast
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    Fuuuuuuck, that sucks
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    On the subject of Spidey trailers, I wonder if a little of Josh's feeling of it giving every thing away comes from having already seen the movie. If you know what happens, seeing even a small clip in the trailer can seem like "well I know what happens there..." But may not be as apparent before seeing the movie.

    Though they did give away a lot about the boat sequence. Didn't impact my enjoyment but that part was definitely pretty clear from the trailers.

    Custom faceplate on the fight stick is a pretty big thing for me. Both my PS3 and PS4 sticks have custom art on them.

    Looks like Focus Attack might have some custom plexiglass you can buy to put new art on the stick. This is similar to how the first gen Madcatz sticks work. Sadly means buying a ~$20 piece of glass whereas the last TE was a lot easier to customize. The Focus Attack website is currently down so I don't know what their options are tho.

    I had my PS3 stolen out of my dorm room in college. There's really not much more you can do. If you have insurance, let them know cuz you might be able to get some of it back but otherwise.... Maybe keep an eye at local stores or on Craig's List.
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    Actually I tend to remember a lot of what I see in trailers, too much in fact, and that's why I stopped watching them. The Force Awakens was the last major one I watched because I couldn't avoid it, not sure which one it was. I was disappointed that I was then anticipating certain scenes based on locations in the movie. It was distracting and it bothered me.
    For that one, all of these scenes would have had a much bigger impact on me had I not known they were coming:
    - The crashed Star Destroyers on Jakku
    - Darth Vader's burnt helmet
    - The X-Wings just above the water
    - The Falcon in that low altitude desert fight
    - "We're home"
    - The Stormtroopers getting ready to land on Jakku
    - Finn with a blue lightsaber facing off with Kylo Ren

    For Spider-Man, I wouldn't have wanted to even know:
    - That he scares someone in their tent
    - That he splashes through a pool
    - That they even go to the Washington Monument at some point because for me the whole movie was going to be in NYC
    - The whole boat thing knowing that it would split somehow and he'd be holding it together
    - Bits of him and Tony in the car which I thought were hilarious, but probably would have fallen flat after seeing them previously in a trailer
    - MJ's great joke which came all the way at the end of the movie

    Those are just off the top of my head from one trailer viewing
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    I don't think they make instrument that accurately measures how bad this sucks or how pissed I would be if it happened to me.

    Sorry to hear it.

    A "Find my PS4" option tied to the MAC addresses of the system would be a nice feature.
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    You just have to love Josh "I have a special holder for each one of my Disney Infinity Guys" Langford when he teases Glenn about wanting a Glacier White PS4 Pro as kind of a collectible. (DO EEET GLENN!!!)

    Remember, Glacier and NOT Arctic. LOL

    I know you guys spoke about the Crash video being kind of unique but maybe you could do a sequel to that bit if they keep adding new comments to that same video. :)
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    Fuck dude, that sucks! Will insurance at least help?
  12. The loss is covered and I can get replacements for the things lost today, but I want to brick the PS4 Pro that was stolen. The customer rep claims some law is preventing from doing so, I've never heard of a law that prevents a banning for a stolen device.
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    Yeah, the best you can do is to deactivate that PS4 via the website :-/
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    That's horrible. I hate people sometimes. Even worse stealing from someone who serves our country. So sorry man