Episode 530 - The Art of the Crash

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    Full show notes

    New releases. Watson comes to Star Trek: Bridge Crew. SNES Classic bringing Star Fox 2 to retail. Playing & watching. YouTube comments. The Art of VR. Review of HIDEit mounts. Email. Comedian is Chris Hardwick

    14:08 - Star Trek: Bridge Crew
    29:28 - Chess Ultra
    46:02 - The Golf Club 2
    Break music from Actraiser
    1:01:32 - Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy
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    Yeah, Josh yanked my stick at E3.

    I mean he took the fightstick.
    Woulda been interesting to compare it to my Madcatz fightstick but it's not like you can buy this new anymore. And Josh was telling me he didn't have one and wanted one so I let him have it.

    About the crowds at E3, I mostly agree with Glenn. Tuesday especially was more crowded than I remember from past years. I went into South Hall an hour after they opened (first appointment was upstairs) and getting in there was hell, even after an hour. Fortunately it was mostly contained to that straightaway between MS and Activision as you entered the hall. Opening the floors 15-20 minutes early was the only good part.

    I also felt like the discovery was a little low. I only had 7 appointments, and while those were nice I don't think I would have had the patience to see anything else if not for Glenn getting me into Bamco, or MJC getting me into Devolver, or Josh getting me into Sony, or Dave getting me into Destiny. The last two years I could easily find an indie game at Sony to walk up to without waiting but that wasn't the case this year. Because of that, I left the showfloor on Wed and Thur and just went to the media room like two hours before the showfloor closed.

    Having almost all my appointments be in closed off areas was nice. This wasn't too different than past years, I felt like most publishers did it. Only one that didn't was XSeed but this year they actually had a rep at each station who helped me out.
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    Literally almost had to pull the vehicle to the side of the road listening to that segment after the break. The comments themselves were somewhat funny but Josh reading them in that tone over the REM song had me crying from laughter.

    Maybe this needs to be a regular bit on the podcast. :)
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    Looking forward to the Golf Club 2 review.

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    Ahem...some of us just started the podcast a few minutes ago. I'm only on what they've played and watched so....SPOILERS! ;)

    So far from what I've heard, I welcome the day that this podcast is on Spotify. I would really enjoy listening while playing on the PS4.
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    Oops, sorry. :)

    You're going to love the part I mentioned. :p
  7. Josh

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    :rolleyes: definitely among my best work
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    I did manage to hear that part. I imagined Josh's lip quivering just a bit as a single tear ran down his cheek as he read those comments. ;)
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    Agreed. It was awesome!!!
  10. One of the funniest things I've seen all day. From a PS fansite I guess... It looks like some people were triggered in the comments on the youtube page.