Episode 528 - Star Trek Nerds

Discussion in 'The Podcasts' started by Torgo, May 31, 2017.

  1. Thank God for PS VR, I'm using that as my TV until the new get's here. I've been playing more big screen mode than any time before and the slow drift of the virtual screen is starting to bother me. It's more noticeable now that I'm sticking my head into for 4-5 hours straight.

    I'm surprised how hard it was to get a new TV, there were so many displayed that were sold out. I guess they're getting ready for the fall supply?
  2. Brad Custer

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    Yeah, when I did a quick search for that model when you first mentioned getting it my local Best Buy only had a floor model for sale. I'm still a little iffy on Samsung because my last two TVs were made by them and both died way too early or had major issues.
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    Traditionally I have not been a fan of the Samsung products and for some non-specific reason I have owned all Japanese TV brands until this one. (JVC, Toshiba, Hitachi, or Sony made all my previous TVs) All of them have been reliable and I have never had a TV die. Hopefully this one is the same. :)
  4. I agree I really like the Sony TVs. The one that died was a Sony Bravia, not complaining, it served me well over the past 6 years.
  5. Brad Custer

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    It's sort of said we've gotten to the point where a TV lasting 6 years is acceptable. When I was a kid I remember us having TV's a lot longer. ;)
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