Episode 525 - Randy, The Coachella Joker

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    New releases. Bloody Zombies coming to PS4 and PS VR. Wipeout Omega Collection is Gold. Review of LEGO City Undercover. Emails. Comedian is Rodney Carrington

    12:34 - Farpoint
    17:53 - Injustice 2
    26:46 - Wipeout Omega Collection
    54:39 - NBA Playgrounds
    Break music from Wipeout Pulse
    1:14:06 - LEGO City Undercover
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    I'm just saying Josh, I think we got that Hakuouki game for review and no one claimed it... ;)
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    A couple of questions that came up for me early in this episode:

    1. Josh mentioned buying things from Amazon UK. How do you do that? On my quest to get a Glacier white Dualshock 4 Version 2 I see that it appears to be a UK exclusive at the moment. (or non-U.S. exclusive) When I go to Amazon UK and look at it (ASIN: B01MRUUSPR) it says "Sorry, we can't deliver this item to the United States" and the only thing I can see in the list of reasons is because it has a battery in it?

    2. Are the UK Dualshocks the exact same as the U.S. ones and will they work with the U.S. consoles?
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    So I tried to just ignore the warning and juts order it but it will not go through. It keeps saying that it cannot be shipped to my address.
  7. Josh

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    Well there are at least three white controllers listed at that link but I don't know what's what.
    If it won't go through then that's one that just isn't available.
    Have you tried France or Germany? You have to set up a new account again but your browser should translate the pages as you go. I've ordered stuff from both with no problems.
  8. Carl_S

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    No, I haven't tried any others. Best thing might be to find someone in the UK to get it for me and then then ship it to the U.S.

    Guess I will have to wait a little longer to see if they just naturally show up here in the U.S. :)
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    I'm getting near the end of this episode ...

    I almost drove off the road when Josh said he doesn't get excited about anything! LOL

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    On another note: earlier in the episode when Glenn was acting like Chris Hanson and said "why don't you go ahead and have a seat" it just cracked me up for some reason. So subtle but so funny. :)
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    Another great episode. :) I can't speak to why the one emailer chose that name, but I know in my case when I first got my PS3 I was excited to play it. I hooked it up and saw the sign up information and thought I was creating a personal log in id so I went with my standard of just using my full name. If I had realized it was going to be my gamertag then I would have but some thought to it. ;) Of course a lot of times people can me "broadcaster". Guess they need glasses.
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  12. Fun fact about that Once Upon A Time Show: It was originally going to be based on the significantly better comic series, Fables (same series The Wolf Among Us is based on) but the writer, Bill Willingham, didn't like the direction of the show and said they couldn't use his books anymore. At that point, they decided to keep going with the "fairy-tale in the real world" motif under the new name.
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    That's a shame. I'm a big fan of Fables though it probably would have been poorly handled.
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  14. Talk of a new series or movie pops up every few years, but it always dies off. Apparently, David Yates was going to direct a Fables film but dropped it for Fantastic Beasts.