Episode 523 - Priceless Symphonic Rumors

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    Full Show Notes

    New releases. CoD goes back to WWII. N++ goes Ultimate. Zen announces Infinite MiniGolf. Playing & Watching. Review of Symphony of the Machine. Emails. Comedian is Eugene Mirman

    27:42 - Call of Duty: WWII
    31:20 - N++ Ultimate Edition
    35:17 - Infinite MiniGolf
    48:26 - Everybody’s Golf
    56:08 - Marvel Heroes Omega
    Break music from Spyro the Dragon
    1:20:42 - Symphony of the Machine
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    Re: giving boxes the wrong names

    I college I moved in with a buddy one year and I had a box I had filled with manga and figures. The former my friends and I jokingly referred to as "mango" and the latter was occasionally shortened to "figs." Since I was going to be out of town when I needed to move, I hired someone to do it for me and my friend was there to oversee. Apparently he had a good laugh when the moving guy came up to him and asked "does this 'figs and mango' box go in the kitchen?"

    Also, I listen at work Glenn. If one of our rockets crashes, I'm gonna blame you for yelling random numbers. ;)
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    Oh my lord does the Charter DVR suck! It's the biggest bunch of suck that has ever sucked.
    I gotta go my damn wiener kids are listening.

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  4. Don't remember if you guys mentioned it, have you looked into getting your merch up on Shark Robot? It's the same site Jim Sterling uses, doesn't seem like he's had any problems with them
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    lol, never heard of that one. I'll take a look
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    I got the code for Remember Me. Thank you! Anyone else grab a code?
  7. Brad Custer

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    I never seem to listen quick enough to nab a code. ;)
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    On another note: As I recall this episode ended kind of abruptly for me. I'm too lazy to go back and check but same for everyone else? (seems like the Comedian segment was much shorter and just cut off)
  9. The Eugene Mirman bit? For me the last punchline was "Jews will be Jews", don't know if it was different for you
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    I listened around lunchtime. I was surprised that any of them worked. I only took one. I'm not greedy LOL.
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  11. Badass! Congrats, brother cool! :)
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    I finally heard the end of that Podcast and it was a few days later, plus, they were all for PS3 so I couldn't have used them anyway. Glad to see people sharing like this though. Just reinforces what a great community we have here!
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