Episode 522 - Cinema Drift Y'all

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    Full Show Notes

    New releases. Interview for Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. New details for Yakuza Kiwami and Battlefront 2. PS VR Preview Event report. Emails. Comedian is Greg Giraldo

    52:35 - Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap
    1:27:38 - Yakuza Kiwami
    1:29:52 - Star Wars: Battlefront 2
    2:04:08 - Starblood Arena
    Break Music from Dragon’s Curse
    2:36:07 - Statik
    2:42:08 - Farpoint
    2:50:41 - Star Trek: Bridge Crew
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    Almost the whole time during the interview I thought the guy was saying Dragon Strap and I was picturing a dragon and a leather strap like a leash or something and thinking this sounds like some odd Japanese video game or something. LOL


    I thought Josh lost his "right" to crack on everyone else's reviews after his own Hitman movie review. ROFL
    I have that movie on the DVR but still have not seen it. When I do though I will be sure to post a "Josh was ... Right/Wrong!" :)
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    I have to give @Josh props for pronouncing both my name, and they way I pronounce my PSN name correctly. As last time I wrote in it was slaughtered. I have met both of you back at PSX 2015 M&G.

    I did buy the HDD using the affiliate link, but from Best Buy as it was cheaper. Plus avoid sales tax by picking it up in store if I cross the border into Oregon.

    Sometimes when I go into standby I have noticed the blue light on the HDD go black, but usually it stays on. So far the only issue I have had with moving data was Rock Band 4. It stated it would take 10 minutes, and instead took 90 minutes. Moving the game to the external has made it improve in performance as I was starting to receive a lot of stuttering which would cause me missing notes.
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  4. Brad Custer

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    I finally watched Hitman on HBO Now and it wasn't bad. It was an action movie and long as you don't expect more I'd say he was right. ;)
  5. Josh

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    I stand by my Hitman review. The other reviewers are nuts. Nuts I tells ya!
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  6. Hahaha! Glenn called out Colin Moriarty about mixing in his politics with PlayStation talk. I literally laughed out loud and spit my Mountain Dew out in the process when I heard Glenn say "Yeah, we're not talking politics. We're not Colin Moriarty. That's right, I called him out." during the email reading segment. Haha! Some good stuff right there. Even funnier than the comedy segment at the end of the episode. ;)
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    Finally finished this one up over the weekend and concerning the long one written about patreon and having the podcast modified...I personally feel it's a bad idea. I know you guys aren't entertaining it, but I think the whole flow of the content and conversation would be ruined if you tried to force yourselves to stay on games only. Maybe a simple solution would be a more detailed breakdown of the podcast and times that include what you're watching/playing if they want to skip that part too. I for one find the entire podcast valuable because it's gotten me to try shows and movies I might have otherwise missed out on. Keep it up guys! :)
  8. I'm with Brad, always liked the podcast because it was just you guys talking about stuff. If y'all (podcast didn't have enough) drift into movie or tv show talk while going into other topics, it is what it is. That's how conversation works
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    OK, so I literally just finished watching Hitman Agent 47 a few minutes ago. I'm generally not a big fan of action movies and don't watch them that often but I really enjoyed this one.

    Josh was right! Who knew? LOL
  10. Brad Custer

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    I find he has similar tastes in my case so I often try out what he recommends. :)
  11. Carl_S

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    I am sort of in the middle but I probably like slightly more Glenn stuff than Josh stuff. (especially with games as I don't play Lego, Disney Infinity, etc.) :)
  12. Brad Custer

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    I find that I take both their recommendations especially when it comes to my viewing pleasure, but I'd agree our taste in games slightly a bit. I still enjoy hearing about what they play though because I'll never get to experience the games myself.