Episode 519 - Who Own Da Chiefs?

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    Full Show Notes

    New releases. Destiny 2 reveal soon. Valkyria Revolution release date. Playing & watching. WB event report. Extra Life United report. Review: Old Time Hockey. Review: LEGO Worlds. Comedian is Brian Regan

    18:43 - Destiny 2
    20:03 - Valkyria Revolution
    29:41 - Minecraft
    43:15 - LEGO City Undercover
    49:10 - LEGO Dimensions
    1:23:40 - MLB The Show 17
    Break music from Baseball Stars 2
    2:20:53 - Old Time Hockey
    2:44:38 - LEGO Worlds
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    Re: the Bucks shirt in China story
    My dad was wearing a Niners shirt in Costa Rica and one of our tour guides gave him a "nice shirt!" comment. I'm sure the 49ers have a little more clout than the Bucks though.
  3. Brad Custer

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    Another great episode. I just wanted to clarify some info about the Justice League trailer. This is suppose to be the "founding" members even if it doesn't tie in with the comic. I'm excited to see Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern so don't count them out and according to some of the internet theories MM might already been in them. ;) And as far as Flash's costume goes, I've read that the idea behind it is that Barry pieced it together on his own and it's meant to look that way. Bruce Wayne is going to help him refine it since his super power is being rich much like how they worked Spider-man having such an advanced costume being only a teenager thanks to Tony Stark.
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    The horror .... the horror ...

    as I listened to "Physical Copy Josh" talk about going to digital ... it is like seeing one of your heroes crushed to the ground by the man! :(

    VIVA LA DISC !!!

  5. Josh

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    Oh I'm still getting all physical given the choice, I just suddenly feel the actual benefits of digital in a very real way for the first time ever.
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  6. Brad Custer

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    I prefer physical over digital too, but I agree it's nice to have the latter for certain games like Destiny and GTA V that you might want to play regularly while still playing other games. The less I have to get up to change discs the better. Haha
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    Back in the day I had a 5 disc DVD changer and the Netflix 5 at a time plan. You get the idea. :)