Episode 518 - Like A Diamond

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    Full Show Notes

    It’s our 10th birthday! New releases. Archer invades Rock Band 4. Full Throttle Remastered release date. Horizon Zero Dawn sets sales records. Review: Ghost Recon Wildlands. Emails. Comedian is Patton Oswalt

    14:18 - MLB The Show 17
    34:17 - Rock Band 4
    37:51 - Horizon Zero Dawn
    56:31 - Everything
    1:05:26 - Old Time Hockey
    1:13:49 - Riptide GP II
    1:16:34 - LEGO Worlds
    1:50:38 - Mass Effect: Andromeda
    Break music from Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball
    2:14:15 - Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
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  2. JHall03

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    Big congratulations on 10 years of podcasts. You guys have a lot of dedication and we appreciate what you delivery week after week.
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    For Wildlands... you do not have to unselect the mission if the person wants to join after dismissing. As long as the other person has not played that mission yet they can select the yellow arrow, and you will automatically be grouped for that mission. This happened the other night when I was playing with beaver6622. I dismissed his mission, but then went into the map and selected the mission which it grouped us to complete that mission.

    I need to get back to Horizon, but I have put almost 72 hours into Wildlands and just over 50% complete.
  4. Torgo

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    We tried that, and it wasn't working consistently
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    I remember NBA Live 95 you could create players. If you named them real players like Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson it would put in their stats and attributes and height weight college etc. it was pretty damn cool. Sounds like the Griffey baseball thing

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    That bit on the hand cooler had me cracking up!
  7. Brad Custer

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    I second this. Granted I've only been around for the last few years of the show, but I appreciate the work you put into this show weekly. I know it comes out of your own personal time and love of the system. So kudos to both of you, the writers, reviewers and everyone behind the scenes that make the podcast and the site a home away from home for all of us!
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    It's pronounced Pie-Land... or maybe it's more Pie-Lind... Guess I hadn't thought about the back part too much. It's the beginning people usually get wrong. The emphasis is definitely on the first syllable (hard P, long I)...

    It was an honor to be a part of the "diamond" anniversary (I managed to convince my wife the "traditional anniversaries" would be more romantic... so, you guys want some tin or aluminum?) even though I've only been listening for less than a year.

    Anyway... yeah, the Lego Worlds install is only 1.8 Gigs, but the save (or should I say "saves") could definitely get large quickly. It mostly depends on how many "worlds" you play because there's separate save files for each world. I was with Glenn on the assumption that these would be saved server side, but it seems not... Actually, I assumed the worlds would reset when you left and returned since I don't believe they are technically procedurally generated. Instead each world has coordinates that I assume would lead to the same world for anyone that keyed them in... however, once I play the world, my game saves every change to it for when I return.

    Definitely good call on paying attention to the name choice for Mason... (you got me for a sec, though... I was like "No way! GorillaNinja wasn't available when I signed up!") As you can see, I saddled myself with this once upon a time (pre-PSN, so I guess I don't really have an excuse... I could've changed it at some point, but now it's me). I didn't put that much thought into my daughter's PSN ID - although I didn't jump through all of those hoops either. Is it possible I created an account on my PS4, but not on the network? Probably not because she gets trophies... not important. I'll look in to it.

    Congrats again on whatever we decide the anniversary is.
  9. To be real, I've never had a controller get hot on me, and I've owned a lot of knockoff brands. If a controller starts heating up, I think you should prepare run like you have a Samsung Galaxy 7
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    @Josh i currently let my son use my account and I sign on as an old alternate account when in a multiplayer. I have been planning to get him his own soon, but many of the games he is playing I purchased the DLC or Season pass. These don't show up when logged in as another account on my PS4 right? Example, he and I will play SWBF local co-op hero battle. I have all of the characters thanks to my season pass. If he accidentally logs in as my alternate account in single player the characters are all grayed out. Am I missing something or do I have to get him a season pass/ DLC separately for all of these games?

    Same question with PS+ He won't have access to my plus games either will he?
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  11. andyscout

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    Make sure the account that bought all the content has the PS4 set as a Primary. Then you should be able to access your digital content with any other account on the system.
  12. GorillaNinjaJTP

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    It's supposed to work out where the primary account on a system SHOULD be able to share all licensed content with any other accounts logged in on that system.

    Verify that the account with PS+ and the BF DLC is the one currently set as primary (perhaps your old alt is actually primary? Or your son's new one got set up as primary?)


    *Edit* Whoops! Andy beat me to it.
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    Congrats on the 10 years!! You guys are the epitome of consistant. I can't say enough how I look forward to hearing the show and being connected to the community. I've made many friends because of this podcast and website. I look forward to many *ahem* years more... that is if Glenn cannot be killed by the show.;)

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