Episode 517 - Sleepy Resistance

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    Full Show Notes

    Stewart Gilray joins us. GT Sport Beta coming March 17th. PS Now adding PS4 games. Playing & watching. MGC update. DVD Review. Comedian is Jim Jeffries

    12:39 - Troll and I
    27:19 - GT Sport
    53:34 - Gravity Crash
    1:10:50 - No Man’s Sky
    1:15:56 - Allumette
    1:58:14 - Steep
    2:00:45 - Ghost Recon Wildlands
    Break music from SSX Tricky
  2. Carl_S

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    I know you normally have a comedian segment at the end of the show but was not expecting that comedian (Stewart Gilray) at the beginning.

    So let me get this right Stewart: Horizon Zero Dawn is boring & sucks and No Man's Sky is awesome???

    Oh my side hurts from laughing so hard. Oh that is comedy gold!
  3. Torgo

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    Carl throwing shade from the get-go...
  4. Carl_S

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    Nah, just good clean fun. :)
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  5. Brad Custer

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    I can see that Stewart has an interesting take on games - viewing them as creator of titles himself. Things that might bother him professionally don't even register on my radar. The same happens to me as a graphic designer when looking at magazines, billboards, etc. Basically, anything a designer might have touched. I will agree I wasn't a fan of Aloy as a child. Something about her movement or such didn't sit right with me. However, I think if he could give the game more time he might actually have a bit of fun.

    In any case, it's always a blast to have him on the show. Thanks for joining it last week, Stewart!