Episode 515 - And You're Still Gonna Buy It

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    Full Show Notes

    New releases. Leaked PS4 PS+ games for March. Axiom Verge is going physical. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War announced. PS VR exceeding sales expectations. Playing & watching. Review: Astro Gaming A50. Review: Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. Emails. Comedian is Doug Benson

    13:23 - Ghost Recon Wildlands
    20:10 - Axiom Verge
    41:40 - Middle-Earth: Shadow of War
    56:45 - Klaus
    1:01:12 - Journey
    1:25:07 - Horizon Zero Dawn
    1:29:55 - Toukiden 2
    Break music from Blaster Master
    2:05:33 - Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin
  2. Brad Custer

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    Looking forward to listening to this on the drive home today. :)
  3. Nigel Roddenburg

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    Haven't heard anything about this Shadow of Mordor sequel. If it's going to be as good or better than the first, then color me excited
  4. Denkoyugo

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    Hilarious regarding the nintendo switch. I have the exact same thing. I see it more as a vita successor and all round solid handheld. Less as a console tbh. So I am getting one since i skipped the WiiU, Psvita and did buy the new 3ds. Hopefully it will fill that gap and replace the 3ds.
  5. Brad Custer

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    Came back to answer some of Josh's questions about Journey. Still listening to the podcast.

    The commenters in the stream could tell how many times you've completed it by the design/markings on your robe. As for face planting, while walking normally, spam up and down on the left analogue stick and if done right, your Wanderer falls flat on the ground.
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  6. Farmerjohn_

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    Link to journey video?
  7. Josh

    Josh Co-Host of PS Nation

    Yeah I forgot about the markings on the robe until I played it on the PS3 the other day. Good to know about the face plant.
  8. Josh

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    Great episode guys. Your casts really make work fly by. I'll just throw in my ear buds and listen away.
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  10. Torgo

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  11. DaveS1138

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    Like we ever read those ;)
  12. Carl_S

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    Didn't you recommend some other $300 headphones in the past? Steel H or something like that? What happened with those?
  13. JHall03

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    Got psyched when Blaster Master music came on. Had to listen twice and then went on a 5 mile run, jk

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  14. Torgo

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    The Steelseries H-Wireless are still great. They've been rebranded (the new name escapes me) and I still love them quite a bit, especially since they come with a spare battery that can be swapped-out.

    Either would be a great choice, but the microphone on the A50's is definitely a bit better, mainly because it's purpose-"built" for PS3 and PS4. Also, I'd say the A50's edge the Steelseries out on overall audio quality, but that's pretty negligible in most cases.

    In other words, both are fantastic
  15. tpaullin

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    Siberia 800 I think is the new version.
  16. himdeel

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    I face palmed and shook my head every time Josh said and youre still buying it.

    I've hear Nintendo fans are excited about the switch but I'm not hearing any excitement from those "non gamers" whot bought the last two systems. What I am hearing is grumbling about the Wii they dont use anymore, irritation about the WiiU thats no longer supported that they still have, and not wanting to be burned by a third Nintedo system.

    It's like the people that bought the last two systems feel like they are collecting Nintendo's now and they are not happy. I know several people who aren't touching it myself included until holiday 2017 at the earliest. I did not buy a Wii or WiiU.
  17. Carl_S

    Carl_S Well-Known Member

    A guy at work told me he bought a WiiU around 3 years ago basically because he heard the new Zelda was coming very soon. (it just now showed up as I understand it) He ended up buying Zelda last Friday for the WiiU and not the Switch.

    I just haven't seen a compelling reason or title to suggest that ANYONE should buy a Switch. Personally, I am not interested anyway. :)
  18. Gruel

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    Your Switch/WiiU discussion had me cracking up nonstop. Loving Zelda on WiiU by the way. Only about five hours in and just am in disbelief still with all the changes they did to the Zelda formula, but it just works out perfectly. Awesome stuff, also dug Josh's Journey story. I got that Twitch stream bookmarked and have been meaning to replay Journey since I haven't played it since it came out. HOpefully this will inspire me to replay it on PS4 and then watch Josh's stream to see what I missed out on.

    Also, thanks for heads up about Legion now on Hulu. Just finished the first episode and you are right it is absolute bonkers and all over the place, but I loved it! Logan kicked ass too, easily one of the best X-Men films.