Episode 513 - No Room at the Inn

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    Full Show Notes

    New release. 8TB external drive tests with new firmware. No new Skylanders for 2017. South Park game delayed again. Playing & watching. Around PS Nation. Review: Sony Platinum Wireless headphones. Emails. Comedian is John Heffron

    5:48 - Berserk and the Band of the Hawk
    40:04 - Skylanders Imaginators
    47:08 - South Park: The Fractured But Whole
    50:06 - LEGO Dimensions
    Break music from Sidearms

    Pics of the E3 crowd we mentioned on the podcast:

    When the doors open

    The corner where Gamespot, Atlus, Nintendo, and Sony intersect

    Part of the line at the Nintendo booth
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  2. jahonius88

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    It's all about the money, I guess.

    That extra ticket sales may cover some of the companies not attending / paying.

    I'm more concerned for security than personal hygiene to be honest.
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  3. Same! I'm very security conscious. I'm always scanning the crowds or people in general, watching for a threat. I carry my Glock 17 with State of Texas LTC on me everywhere I go, permitted or not! You can never be too careful.

    I've had plenty enough "close calls" in the past. So I make sure to be ready every day now.
  4. andyscout

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    How very Texas of you. ;)
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  5. I'm an urban cowboy! I ride a mechanical horse, wear cowboy boots, and carry my trusty firearm on me everywhere I go! I love being a Texan. 100% born and bred! I'm as South as they come. ;)
  6. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    Mostly to protect yourself from rattlesnakes and stuff, right?

    Sometimes, I'm grateful that the biggest threat in my country is the North Korean dictator.

    2nd biggest threat might be the suicide-inducing K-pop girl group songs. Lol
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  7. Sadly, Rattlesnakes are the least of my concern. United States is one of the most violent countries in the world with the largest prison population in the world! My firearm is intended for defense vs human beings. They pose the biggest threat to my health and safety.

    I hear you as well. The North Korean dictator is one nasty SOB! Hopefully Mr. Trump doesn't take any shit from him and smacks his ass down should he ever make threats to South Korea!

    As for the K-pop music? I can't comment there. I don't listen to it. Hahaha
  8. andyscout

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    I dunno that I'd go as far as saying the Us is one of the most violent in the world. We're lower in almost all accounts than much of Africa, Central America, or the Middle East. This includes pretty much all types of violence. And we're similar to many other industrialized nations in some respects.
    The main difference between us and our peers (such as Europe) is that crime in the US is more likely to involve a weapon, which is probably part of how you're quantifying "most violent." This makes sense given that we blow the world away in guns per capita at about twice the next highest country. http://www.criminaljusticedegreehub.com/violent-crime-us-abroad/
    I'd also argue that our prison issues stem not entirely from violence issues but are partially systemic to the prison system and justice systems themselves, especially when it comes to lesser crimes.

    I'll stop now, lest I get too political but I will preemptively note that I fully respect and support your right to bear arms, renegade. You do you.

    Also, K-pop is great. :D
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  9. Brad Custer

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    As far as the concern about E3 being open to the public, I remember the last time I went it was and it not being that big of a deal to me. I was there with a Mac gaming web site as media so I didn't get stuck waiting with the general public and they gave us our own entrance, etc. Of course this was back around 2000.

    BTW, you guys were mentioning your desire for a Greatest American Hero reboot. On August 29, 2014, Deadline.com published an article reporting that the Fox Network had ordered a pilot for a new version of the show. The pilot is being produced by Phil Lord and Christoper Miller, both of whom wrote and directed The Lego Movie. Haven't heard much about it since then though.
  10. Carl_S

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    Figure out how to get exhibitor badges :)
  11. Torgo

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    We could do that if we had about $10k. Patreon?
  12. Carl_S

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    I didn't say it would be easy. :) I think it would be more than $10K too for your own booth. However, the big booths probably get lots of badges so if you had buddies in the industry that could get you a badge ... ;)
  13. Torgo

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    Nah, there are small meeting rooms that you can get
  14. tpaullin

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    I've always respected you guys for your stance- Just support our affiliate links and we'll be fine. That said, if you set a Patreon up I think a lot of us faithful would happily oblige.
  15. Brad Custer

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    You have over 22K followers on Twitter so start a donation drive to get each of them to send you 50 cents. Then you'd have that 10K easy. ;)
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  16. Torgo

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    If that idea worked, we'd be able to raise a LOT more for Extra Life...