Episode 508 - How We're Sore

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    Full show notes

    New releases. Mass Effect: Andromeda release date. Disney Infinity unreleased pieces. Playing & Watching. Around PS Nation. Review: How We Soar. Email. Comedian is Christian Finnegan

    7:42 - Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star
    12:31 - Mass Effect: Andromeda
    15:02 - Disney Infinity
    20:54 - Scalebound
    34:42 - Gravity Rush 2
    46:35 - Unravel
    48:38 - MLB The Show 17
    Break music from Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball
    2:00:30 - How We Soar
    Comedian is Christian Finnegan
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    Lol. Nice to hear that I'm not alone on the Gravity Rush 2 stuff.

    And Glenn's idea of "old school charm" is people peeing in a corner. Okaaay...
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    Sports in the Midwest
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  4. Per the email question this week? I say sell! Get the money and buy PS4 and Vita games / hardware. I sold my PS3 and almost 100 games with it on eBay for nearly $800.00 USD last year! I have no regrets. The PS3, it's PSN / Store, and Cell architecture sucked big time! I suffered from a severe mental retardation lapse and made the mistake of buying it and games years back. If I had just waited, most of the awesome exclusive PS3 games are now on the PS4 anyway as remasters and definitive editions.

    The PS4 accessory console addon for Vita as well as the PS Vita itself are pretty awesome pieces of gaming silicon! I say stick with them and cut the legacy consoles loose. Invest the money into PS4 / Vita instead. Don't hoard, because then you will end up on the Hoarding: Buried Alive television show and your family will disown you as you attract negative national attention to yourself. LOL
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    I am from the other camp when it comes to older consoles and games. I would trade it in or sell it. I use to hold on to older systems and games, but I rarely find myself going back to play them again so it didn't make sense to hold onto them, Plus, another play of the game several years later rarely holds up to the memories I have of the game. This is just me though.
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