Episode 507 - High Dynamic Ruhroh

Discussion in 'The Podcasts' started by Torgo, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Torgo

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    Full Show Notes

    Rime has re-emerged. PS+ offerings for January 2017. Playing & watching. Around PS Nation. Review of Titanfall 2. Emails. Comedian is Patton Oswalt

    37:12 - Rime
    51:48 - LEGO Dimensions
    55:06 - How We Soar
    1:05:28 - Atari Flashbacks Collection
    1:21:51 - Need for Speed
    Break music from Contra 3: The Alien Wars
    1:43:55 - Titanfall 2
  2. andyscout

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    Hey Sony. Would you put 4K bluray in the Pro for a scooby snack?
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  3. tpaullin

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    Sony would've gotten away with it too. If it weren't for you meddling kids.
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  4. LBEDZKI44

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    Only reason I have the Xbox One S is for the 4k blu ray lol
  5. gnash117

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    I recently picked up the XBox One S for teh 4k blue-ray as well.
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  6. LBEDZKI44

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    haha only reason to own one ;)
  7. Gruel

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    BlazeRush is actually a pretty decent little B-tier racer. Yeah, it may not have the AAA NFS/Gran Turismo graphics, but it is a simple little downloadable arcade racer. I had a ton of fun playing through the career mode of it on PS3 last year. Reminded me of old school Micro Machines, but with weapons.

    And I could not agree more with Josh, Trek Nation is a definite must watch that captures the Trek fandom and history perfectly. It helped inspire to me to marathon all the Star Trek movies within a year a couple years ago.
  8. Brentismaximas

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    Yea @Josh likes a good Kiwi band Crowded House. I didn't even know they made it to the USA. They're big in Australia. Australia kinda adopted them as their own. But like me, they're pure Kiwi.
  9. Torgo

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    I like Crowded House too...
  10. Brentismaximas

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    Because you have good taste so it goes without saying
    "Everywhere you go you take the weather with you"
  11. Josh

    Josh Co-Host of PS Nation

    They hit pretty big over here with a few songs. Don't Dream It's Over still pops up on the radio quite often and the odd TV show every now and then.