Episode 506 - Good Riddance 2016

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    Full Show Notes

    New release. Gravity Rush anime on YouTube. Double Dragon 4 coming next month. Playing & watching. Break music from Double Dragon 4. Review: Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story. Emails. Comedy clip from Bob & Brian

    4:41 - MX vs. ATV: Supercross Encore - 2017 Official Track Edition
    18:16 - NHL 17
    21:10 - How We Soar
    46:01 - Ark: Survival Evolved
    Break music from Double Dragon
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  2. In regards to feedback about those minor interruptions by Mason on the podcasts? I'm in the indifferent camp. I don't really mind to be honest. Besides, those sections are only a few minutes long at most and aren't a regular weekly occurrence.

    I just thought I'd take a moment to chime in with my thoughts on the matter is all. Keep up the podcasts, guys! I love listening every week.

    I DL through Overcast Podcast App on my iPhone. I'm not sure if that counts towards your DL numbers?