Episode 505 - Dreams Come True

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    Full show notes

    New releases. Valkyria Revolution heading West. Free content hitting Battlezone. Playing & Watching. Around PS Nation. The Switch. Emails. Comedian is Nick Swardson

    40:45 - Valkyria Revolution
    43:18 - Battlezone
    53:39 - Bridge Constructor
    1:00:02 - Batman: The Telltale Series
    1:01:55 - Robinson: The Journey
    1:02:55 - Star Wars Battlefront
    1:32:08 - The Division
    1:38:08 - MLB The Show 16
    1:40:15 - We Happy Few
    Break music from Rainbow Six Vegas
    1:58:09 - Steep
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    SOCOM confirmed!
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    This year has indeed been the Year of The Vita for me.

    Socom confirmed
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  4. teran36

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    I don't mind when the kid stops by.
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    Just finished this podcast up and it was enjoyable. Its nice to see you guys still putting them out when a lot of gaming podcasts seem to take a break around the holidays because its a slow time in the industry. I can even forgive the DCU movie bashing at the beginning. ;) FYI I heard Suicide Squad might be nominated for an Oscar. So, it might only be for make-up, but that still could allow them to put "Oscar-Nominated" and/or "Oscar-Winning" on an updated package. Haha.

    Final thoughts on the email about the interruptions. I don't mind them at all. I don't have kids of my own, but I'm okay with it. I much rather give a few minutes of my time to Josh so his son can have a moment with him than have him denied that time. Plus, it makes my small heart grow three sizes the days it happens. (Yes, I'm the Grinch).
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    No, seriously, who can complain about Josh making conversations with his son?

    I say bring 'em!

    Soon, he'll be the permanent third chair.
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    Josh and Glenn should make the call on interruptions. Don't let listeners decide for you.

    I personally don't mind one bit. There are plenty of listeners who can relate. And the fact that someone feels the need to email you to give you advice on something you've done over 500 times is just rude.

    I lol'd at the comedy. To be fair I usually do

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  8. Randy Hale

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    I agree, I enjoy the Josh and son moments!

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  9. Thomas Silvey

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    The father son moments between Josh and His son are a good match and what gaming has to be... It's all about family.

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  10. Tim

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    It took me a few months of building a backlog of episodes to realize that I'm kind of done with the podcast, for now at least. Mason 'interruptions' aren't a problem.
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    I really do not get why the moments with Josh and Mason are such a problem...as PSNation we are a community of gamers. Which in my mind at least means we are a family of gamers. These little interruptions that happen are no big deal at all. Josh's main priority should be his family. He does not have to do these podcasts but he does it and takes time away from his son to make free content for us. Just sad to me people would have such a problem with this. Mason is awesome and part of this family as well. Sorry for the semi rant but had to say something. Thank you for all you do Josh and Glenn!
  13. Anybody watching some of the pre/announcements coming from CES 2017!?!

    Playstation Now looks like a bargain now that Nvidia announced Geforce Now... $25 for 20 of game time... ^_^ LOL