Episode 503 - PlayStation Experience 2016

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    Full Show Notes

    Glenn, Michael (The1stMJC), Andy (andyscout), and Andy’s friend Wyatt report from both days of PlayStation Experience 2016. Comedian is Nick Swardson

    13:19 - Marvel vs Capcom Ultimate
    17:55 - Wipeout: Omega Collection
    22:16 - Destiny
    23:58 - Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
    35:31 - Knack 2
    38:32 - Gran Turismo Sport
    45:48 - Ni No Kuni 2
    52:09 - Windjammers
    55:01 - MLB The Show 17
    56:54 - The Last of Us: Part II
    1:03:42 - Pyre
    1:06:38 - Dreadnought
    1:12:01 - The Church in the Darkness
    1:18:08 - Super Mega Baseball 2
    1:21:12 - The Flame in the Flood
    1:28:50 - Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3
    1:38:37 - Resident Evil VII
    1:44:02 - Games of Glory
    1:46:12 - What Remains of Edith Finch
    1:52:23 - Smugglecraft
    Break music from Wipeout Fusion
    2:07:00 - Fallen Legion
    2:10:04 - Orcs Must Die Unchained
    2:27:50 - Aaero
    2:32:40 - Move or Die
    2:35:50 - Wonder Boy 3: Dragon’s Trap
    2:40:51 - Heart Forth: Alicia
    2:43:50 - Absolver
    2:49:35 - Mages of Mystralia
    2:53:33 - Yooka-Laylee
    3:02:53 - Earth Knight
    3:05:00 - Battle Chef Brigade
    3:11:28 - Starblood Arena
    3:16:05 - Future Grind
    3:20:56 - The Last Guardian
    3:24:41 - Mother Russia Bleeds
    3:31:24 - Final Fantasy XV
    Comedian is Nick Swardson
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  2. LBEDZKI44

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    Knack 2...I might be the only one Hyped for this. lol

    Also Danganronpa V3!!!!!!!!!!
  3. JHall03

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    I thought Knack 2 looked like it had some serious couch co-op potential

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  4. brambler

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    I know Rocket League is an indie! and I like some indies. Joe Danger, everyday shooter, and others I can't think of. I don't hate all indies, just most. Especially retro 8 bit looking ones

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  5. Brad Custer

    Brad Custer Well-Known Member

    Hold list of topic points, Batman! Looking forward to this one. As far as Knack goes, I'm actually interested in it myself. I wish Sony would make the original free as part of PS Plus. Seems like a no brainer with the announcement of 2. But, of course the game I'm most excited for is Last of Us Part 2. Even if the name is pretty lackluster. ;) Heck they could of called it More Lasting of Us and I'd still want it.
  6. Torgo

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    So much hate...
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  7. andyscout

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    Good.... goood... Let the hate flow through you.
  8. Finklemyre

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    Dang, Andy! You really hit a nerve with that drone comment to Glenn about baseball. That clap back was harsh! Haha!

    Certified trophy whore.

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  9. LBEDZKI44

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    right? and those games are so sadly rare now a days.
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  10. Beram

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    I got in line about 8am on Saturday. Was part of the last group to make it inside. They would not let us find a seat, and had to stand on the side. That ended up working out okay as we stood next to the doors that opened up to the show floor. Talked to a security guy which he stated that people started to line up outside at 10pm Friday night, and even one couple set up a tent.

    Got first in line for Farpoint, and heard later Saturday evening that people were waiting 4 hours to play that 7 minute demo. Also got lucky with waiting maybe 15 minutes to play Horizon and even GT Sport. Then got lucky with putting my name on a list for Ace Combat 7 to let me cut to the front of the line on Sunday. Which the line for that was at least a 2 hour wait when I cut in front.
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  11. Torgo

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  12. Brad Custer

    Brad Custer Well-Known Member

    It's funny that I heard your comments about The Last of Us Part II after my previous statement about not liking the name. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I still know the game is going to be great. :)
  13. Torgo

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    It's not that I don't like the game, the gameplay type just isn't in my wheelhouse. I like the multiplayer quite a bit actually
  14. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    I think it just confirm that this will be a continuation of previous story. Maybe they are future proofing the IP. I hope that over time we get to go back and find out what happened to some of the people we ran into during the game.

    Maybe it will have future games. The Last of Us: Ellie gets infected as a very broad example

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  15. Josh

    Josh Co-Host of PS Nation

    Spoiler: That was the DLC that was released with the original game ;)
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  16. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    Wow never even played the dlc didn't even know that

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  17. andyscout

    andyscout PSN: andyscout Staff Member

    It's super good. Get on dat!
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  18. Brad Custer

    Brad Custer Well-Known Member

    Hands down my favorite DLC to date. Even if people aren't a fan of buying DLC they should break down and get this. It really enhances the story of The Last of Us.
  19. And just to think... if the Vita continued to receive 1st party support, we could have gotten a Last of Us game similar to the quality of Uncharted: Golden Abyss. What a shame.
  20. Brad Custer

    Brad Custer Well-Known Member

    I don't own a Vita, but I wouldn't write it off just yet after that PSX keynote. :)