Episode 502 - Ladies and Gentlemen... Andromeda!

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    Full Show Notes

    New Releases. New Gran Turismo racing wheel. No Man’s Sky gets a huge update. Playing & Watching. Around PS Nation. PSX Plans. Emails. Comedian is Patton Oswalt

    14:31 - No Man’s Sky
    23:04 - Spy Chameleon
    25:02 - Stern Pinball
    29:37 - Rainbow Six Siege
    1:04:42 - Robinson: The Journey
    1:23:24 - LEGO Dimensions
    Comedian is Patton Oswalt
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    Interesting stuff about the effects talk. Having spent the past two years watching through Next Gen and Deep Space 9, it's interesting how much the effects changed in that time. Next Gen was rather light on effects and reused a lot of them too. Whereas DS9 finally saw the rise of computer graphics at a TV budget. They can look occasionally cheesy by modern standards but at least they can show more stuff.
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  3. Playa! Thanks for the podcast this week, Glenn. You and Josh are two of my favorite PlayStation identities. I admire your style. I'll save this episode for duty assignment this weekend so I'll have something good to listen to on my iPhone while patrolling and protecting shit! Much love.
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    Kenneth Johnson was a guest teacher in my film class (i think like 2007). He spoke about the trials of dealing with the excutive producers and networks. And then about lighting Shaquille O' Neal in Steel. Apparently, it takes a lot of lights. What I'm trying to say is that I had him sign my dvd of V.
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