Episode 501 - And Going… And Going...

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    Full Show Notes

    The1stMJC joins us. New releases. Zen Studios announces more Pinball. Survival mode coming to Uncharted 4. NBA 2K comes to VR. Playing & watching. Around PS Nation. Hands-on report with Let It Die. Emails. Comedy clip from Steve Czaban.

    15:27 - Stern Arcade Pinball
    29:00 - Pinball FX2
    46:15 - Skyrim: Special Edition
    50:23 - The Witness
    54:10 - Robinson: The Journey
    1:16:34 - Titanfall 2
    1:18:05 - Battlefield 1
    Break music from Tecmo World Wrestling
    1:40:39 - Let It Die
  2. Playa! I just finished up this week's podcast. What do you think about your Fangamer Shovel Knight physical release for your Vita, Glenn? Pretty dope, huh? ;)
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    Whenever I see "let it die" I imagine it's a remix of that stupid Frozen song.
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  4. LMFAO!!!
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    Love that it got a physical release!
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  6. Hell yes, Glenn! I'm still in love with my physical release as well. The instruction manual is so cool! It reminds me of my old NES days all over again. I saw Jahonius just posted in the "Latest Purchases" that he received his physical copy of Shovel Knight, also! I'm excited for him, too. PS Vita physical releases are the coolest thing for Sony, because they are rare and severely limited print in general! Just imagine how much these games will be worth in a decade from now! :)
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    I leave this here...

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    Just finished this up over the weekend. Another good episode. Its a shame you have so many issues with the CW app. Personally, I've been using it on my iPad, phone and Firestick with no problems at all. I couldn't wait an entire year to see those 4 great shows especially with the crossover event happening this week. I know the commercials are a bit annoying, but it just reminds me of the days when you had to watch commercials on Hulu. They definitely repeated often during each break. At this point though, you already missing episodes because they only keep 5 episodes around (another thing that reminds me of Hulu). I'll just leave you with this...This week's event is so good....so far. :)