Episode 500 - Halfway There

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    New releases. Episode 500 recorded LIVE in the Senger basement. Glenn and Josh are joined by Mark Senger, Two hands Revy, 9-Volt, and Sinfonia Sam as reminisce about past shows and take calls from the community
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    That is a five star guest list! Mega congrats to Glenn, Josh and everyone else involved at PSnation for hitting that landmark 500 episode milestone! Here's to another 500 episodes, with hopes of at least a couple of them pertaining to the final parts of your Bond movie reviews!
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    Congrats on hitting 500! Looking forward to listening to this on the way home. Only 500 to go and then the community will consider letting you guys talk about retiring. ;)
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    I enjoyed the episode. It had me laughing out loud at times. Great job by everyone and congrats on 500!
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    I like it when Sam is on. That dude is hilarious!

    Certified trophy whore.

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    He's a jerk. ;)
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    Just finished ep 500! Crazy it's been so long. My favorite moment ever was probably playing Resistance 2 coop with Torgo and Jeff Rubenstein. I was new to the community at that time and was thrilled to get to play with them. If I remember right we played all night. From like 10 pm to 4 or 5 am. It was pretty fun. Also meeting josh, Glenn and Andy at psx in Vegas was pretty cool too

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    Yeah, we played the hell out of that game that night.
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    Yeah a week after this show went live I finally got a PS4 and just in time for a Black Friday spending spree.
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