Episode 435 - Headbouncer 2000

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    New Releases. Interview with Ben Throop for Headmaster (Project Morpheus). New (& probably last) BF4 DLC finally revealed. Homefront: The Revolution reemerges. Tons of new changes coming to Destiny with The Taken King. Mighty No. 9 officially delayed. What we’re playing & watching. Review: Hell on Wheels Season 4 (Blu-ray). Review: Legend of Kay Anniversary (PS4). Emails. Comedian is Norm MacDonald

    10:40 - Helldivers
    15:53 - Headmaster
    1:01:15 - Battlefield 4
    1:03:16 - Homefront: The Revolution
    1:13:44 - Destiny: The Taken King
    1:23:20 - Mighty No. 9
    Break music from Last Resort (Neo Geo)
    1:27:15 - Disney Infinity 2.0
    1:58:37 - Rocket League
    1:59:09 - Project CARS
    2:23:40 - Legend of Kay: Anniversary Edition
    2:35:46 - Warframe
    Comedian is Norm MacDonald
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    Can you rip or stream the Merle Haggard Hee Haw episode for me? :). Honestly gonna buy this for my dad just to annoy my mom.

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  3. Dave

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    So I regards to asking about Destiny for josh.

    There are 2 choices her. Rumor has it that every new guardian will be given a "boost" to be able to play all taken King content. How much that boost will be who knows.

    The other option is yes we run josh thru the story. We could do 2 hours maybe a week and have him done In like 3 weeks. However does he have the expansions?? Going from level 20-28 is the hardest part. But could be done quicker with house of wolves expansion.

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  4. Brad Custer

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    Just got through the interview and into some of the news...Will finish it on the drive home today. Rookie Blue is actually a good summer filler show. Not sure it would do well in the normal rotation, but it's been around for 5 seasons in the summer slot. So, who was eating during the first part of the podcast? Kept hearing utensils on a plate and I believe a can beverage being opened. ;) Also, could you might want to point out to those you're interviewing that your set up picks up almost any noise they make in the background. That was a bit rough to get through with all going on in his background. I know it's out of your control, but I swore if I heard him in the bathroom...I was out. lol
  5. Josh

    Josh Co-Host of PS Nation

    I have the base game only. We probably should have waited until the new one came out since it includes everything and The Taken King, right?
  6. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    Yes getting that version will have all prior content. You can hit level 32 with just base game only. It will just take a little longer and you will need some luck. But it's doable.

    Since you like physical media getting the legendary version of taken King will be best option.

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  7. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    Still think it just going to be better to wiser and play after September 15th honestly. You can pretty much skip all year 1 content with that character boost there talking about. They haven't listed details about how it will work yet.

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  8. Dave

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    Or you just buy the house of wolves expansion $20 and skip dark below (you really don't need it) if you want to be at max level before ttk comes out

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  9. Torgo

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    Rock got home and was eating, I stay at his house during the week for my new job.
  10. Brad Custer

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    I remember you mentioning that before. Just shows how good the mic is working. ;)
  11. Torgo

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    I usually record in his office, but it gets real echoey when all of the windows are closed in there. So I started with the interview in the living room, and just kept going because I was comfy :)
  12. CrzyQbn

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    I vote for Josh finishing the main story and getting to a level where he can play the raids on extra life day. I think watching him go through the story would be boring and only allows three players. Whereas if he can do the raids during extra life more fans can play along. Also don't know what the "fuck, San Diego" was at the end. Seemed totally out of left field. but whatever, Torgo.
  13. andyscout

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  14. CrzyQbn

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    Ahh OK. There was that Ron Burgundy line earlier in the interview. One of those movies I haven't seen, I know I should.
  15. Brad Custer

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    Finished up this episode and I wanted to openly admit that I haven't watched a Bond movie since Roger Moore was starring in the role. And speaking of special podcasts, whatever happened to that discussion you were going to have about The Order?
  16. Torgo

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    As per usual, we always have these great intentions of recording "special" podcasts, but usually either mine or Josh's schedules just don't allow for it.
  17. I'm nowhere on the level of Dave, but Josh, I can help you if you need it. I have a Level 32 Hunter, but I'm working on a second character (Titan), and I'm going through the story missions again.
  18. Carl_S

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    No one is on the level of Dave. Not even the developers hahaha
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  19. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member


    I'll have to show you guys the people that I have found that are on a better level then me.

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  20. Carl_S

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    They probably have cheat codes or something if they are better than Destiny Dave. :)