Episode 434 - Purple Flappy Spaceman

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    New Releases. Interview with Benjamin Rivers for Alone With You. August 2015 PlayStation Plus update. Driveclub sales exceed 2 Million. Amplitude delayed until the end of 2015. Dragon Quest XI announced. What We’re Playing and Watching. Impressions: GALAK-Z. Review: Never Alone: Foxtales DLC. Emails. Comedy clip is from Duane Gay

    1:55 - Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall of Fame Edition
    14:23 - Alone With You
    1:30:06 - Driveclub
    1:31:37 - Amplitude
    1:38:14 - Dragon Quest XI
    Break music from Lunar: The Silver Star
    1:42:04 - Rocket League
    1:46:31 - Kill Strain
    1:53:36 - TxK
    1:56:02 - Legend of Kay: Anniversary Edition
    1:57:15 - Disney Infinity
    2:04:00 - Velocibox
    2:09:20 - King’s Quest
    2:16:50 - NHL 16
    2:37:40 - GALAK-Z
    2:46:00 - Never Alone: Foxtales
    Comedy clip from Duane Gay
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    Just started listening to this one on my way to work today. Only managed to get through the interview so far. ;)

    However, I had to comment on Micronauts. Just the mention of that got me thinking back to some of my favorite toys from childhood. I had most of this series of action figures and vehicles and some of my favorites were Acroyear (Red not Pink), Space Glider with his wing backpack that the wings would go down and then spring into action with a button on the back and of course the Pharoid which came in his own sarcophagus. I think the lore I created in my head was part of why I loved them so much. I took their name to heart . . . "micro" nauts. So, I imagined them to be to scale and trying to cope with living in our world at their size. There was also a comic for this in the early 80's by Marvel which was actually really good and worth checking out if you enjoy older reads.

    They might not have been the Star Wars franchise, but these toys definitely hold a special place in my heart.
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  3. Carl_S

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    Still listening to this one but wanted to mention that Josh's audio in the interview sounded as if he was too close to the mic. :)
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    That's the recording software, it's not the greatest, and they seem to have broken something with their latest update
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    I just assumed it was an internal mic. ;)
  6. Torgo

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    Well, I think that's why Josh's got messed-up, because Benjamin was using either a laptop mic or a webcam, and the way that Skype recorders work would explain how Josh's audio got distorted as well.

    Unfortunately, what I use doesn't allow for much tweaking, so I need to mess with it this week for sure.
  7. andyscout

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    Yeah, Guitar Hero added drums and singing. Band Hero was the kids friendly version.

    I was yelling "Rock Revolution" (in my head) the whole time you were going "what was that konami one?" But I'm a huge nerd for music games. ;)
  8. WithSwordAndGun

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    Great interview. Keep them coming.
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    I am glad I didn't grow up with a Dad who only went for 2 Stars. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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    HA HA HA!!!
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    This is an awesome interview... Keep up more of them!
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    The Fox tail at the end .. I fell over I was laughing so hard
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