Episode 432 - Not Just Mickey's Dog

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    New Releases. Metrico+ Coming to PS4. New details for the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection. The 2015 Summer PLAY Event is upon us. ‘Never Alone’ hitting PS3 and Vita, new Foxtale DLC. What we’re playing and watching. Break music from Journey. Sony “Holiday Event” report. Review: Blue Mo-Fi Headphones. Extra Life Mini-Marathon. Emails. Comedian is Maria Bamford

    2:00 - EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour
    6:30 - Legend of Kay Anniversary
    14:10 - Metrico+
    16:20 - Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
    23:20 - Journey
    24:06 - N++
    30:03 - Never Alone
    56:50 - Ant-Man
    1:40:20 - Tembo The Badass Elephant
    1:41:45 - Borderlands 2
    1:50:05 - Rocket League
    Break Music from Journey
    2:15:00 - Star Wars Battlefront
    2:18:20 - Disney Infinity
    2:27:25 - Snow
    2:34:40 - Until Dawn
    2:40:08 - Ratchet and Clank
    Comedian is Maria Bamford
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    Not that it matters since they're sold out now, but the earlier Madcatz TE2 fightsticks were PS4/PS3 cross compatible. The ones that came out late last year. I bought the Guilty Gear Xrd version.
    It's the early Madcatz Xbox One sticks that aren't cross compatible, iirc.
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    I loved the Marvel talk, a lot of fun.
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    What was the book about the Nazi bunkers? My dad is impossible to shop for and it would make a great birthday present.
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    Another fun episode!
    Thanks for the shoutout! Lol

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    I got a mention once. I sent in a code for Far Cry 4 when they were giving them out for the season pass holders of Unity. I remember Josh grabbing that code, but I never hear it in his list of what he has played the previous week. ;)
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    Watched the Tig documentary on Netflix last night. Truly an incredible woman. Gonna buy that album today if i can find it.
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    Finally finishing the podcast. A few notes about the Pluto stuff from someone who studied a lot of that stuff in school:

    Josh said something about how Pluto/Charon's (I have no idea how to say it either :p) orbit around each other is odd compared to, say, the Earth/Moon system. It's really not though. Any time two bodies orbit each other, you'll get the same mechanics. It's just more pronounced in the Pluto/Charon system because the two objects are much closer in mass. Even though Earth is more massive than the Moon, our system doesn't orbit directly around the Earth's center but rather the baycentre of the Earth/Moon system. That location is about 4600km (3/4ths of the Earth's radius) from the Earth's actual center. If you looked top down at the Earth/Moon system, you'd see us "orbit" about that baycentre over the course of a month.
    This same mechanic works on a Star/planets system. When someone says they've discovered a new planet based on the "wobble" of a star, that's the star moving around its baycentre.

    Also Josh indicated that they shut down New Horizons during the flyby to take photos. This is not entirely correct. They probably did shut down some systems, however the main reason for the blackout was that the probe cannot aim its cameras and instruments at Pluto while also aiming its communications systems at Earth. They made New Horizons to have as few moving parts as possible.

    Just a few edumahancements for you from your friendly neighborhood rocket scientist. Carry on. :)
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    I actually knew this (not in that much detail), but Josh was in one of those "I know more than you" streaks that it just seemed fruitless to try and correct him.
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    For those having issues with their uploads, as we mentioned at the end of the podcast:

    - From the main interface, go up, all the way left to Notifications, press X
    - Press Down 5 times to get to 'Uploads'
    - Press Right to select the top item
    - Press 'Options'
    - Choose 'Delete'
    - Rinse and Repeat
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    The podcast has been great so far. I'd probably be done if it wasn't invaded by Click & Clack's Car Talk...;)
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    $4000 Stereo ???

    Who has a $4000 stereo in 2015 ???

    Also, you have had the chance to review a lot of higher cost headphones recently. Is the Steel Series H (or whatever it is called) still your favorite one though?
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    I did play it for a few hours and got dragged away to other stuff. It didn't really hook me but I'd like to get back to it at some point.
  18. Josh

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    Of course you did ;)
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    Insult my intelligence all you want, just remember that I was the one studying "Advanced Computer Graphics" and chemistry and physics at UW Oshkosh when I was in the 6th grade.
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    I've gotten behind on the podcast by a week because of working from home more and not commuting as much so I'm still listening to this one, but can I request one thing...Let's wait until the DC cinematic universe has a few movies under its belt before we start the bashing. ;)

    I get you might not be a fan of certain actors :::cough...Ben Affleck...cough::: but until we actually see it up on the big screen it's really hard to say whether it'll be a hit or not. I for one like everything their doing so far. I know it might not be within the cannon of the comics, but what comic movie is? They all take liberties and touch on the overall idea of the character/world created on those pages. With that being said, I can see why they're taking bits and pieces from great stories such as "The Dark Knight Returns" and "Death in the Family" to create this film. Why not borrow from some of the greatest cannon in the comics? I much more prefer the tone and direction of what is promised in these films.

    If there's not one moment of humor (outside the Joker of course) then I'm all for it. And speaking of our misguided jester, I would agree I wasn't completely sold at first on a tattooed Joker, but I'm willing to see where the go with this. If every time we get the same interpretation of a character like him, it would get old really quick. I've loved every take on the Joker so far in the past so I'm crossing my fingers this one will continue the success of the character on the big screen.

    As for him being in the Suicide Squad movie, I'm thinking they're using him in the origin of Harley, but also probably having him play a minor role ala the "Assault on Arkham" animated movie. I'm really surprised you didn't know of them before the movie since you've mentioned reading comics because they've been around since the 50's with them being reimagined in the 80's. That's was in the middle of my heyday of reading comics and it was an interesting concept to me. Using villains as disposable heroes. I think this movie is a great way to establish a nice selection of villains that can be used in future films as the bad guy without having to have their origin story also in said future films. The only thing that is a bit off is that Rick Flag has been the "leader" of the group typically and from the trailer it seems they might be giving that to Deadshot, but that could just be based on star power.

    Well, I'll climb off my soapbox now and put down my glass of Kool-Aid and again just ask that you wait and see. Man of Steel was a good movie and a nice foundation to build from. I have high hopes for the rest of this and only regret they're not going to use the established Arrow and Flash TV characters in the movies. Wasted opportunity if you ask me, but that's a conversation for another soapbox. ;)