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    Listen here

    #Stewart Gilray from Just Add Water joins Josh and Glenn

    #New Releases

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited $59.99 (June 9)
    Payday 2 Crimewave $49.99

    ‘I Am Bread’ coming to PS4 http://bit.ly/1JtPhEW
    Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection revealed http://bit.ly/1dO5MjK
    Fallout 4 is OFFICIAL! http://bit.ly/1SW5V4G
    Rocket League launching in July +Sweet Tooth http://bit.ly/1G6t3rw

    #What We’re Playing and Watching
    #Break music from ‘God of War 2
    #E3 2015 Discussion
    #Emails re: E3 Predictions

    #E3 2015 – Round One – Saturday, June 13, 2015

    #Email us at [email protected]
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    Stewart Gilray from Just Add Water joins Glenn and Josh. New Releases. ‘I Am Bread’ coming to PS4. ‘Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection’ revealed. ‘Fallout 4’ is OFFICIAL! ‘Rocket League’ launching in July. What we’re playing and watching. Break music from ‘God of War 2’. E3 2015 Predictions and Emails. Comedian is Steve Rannazzisi
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    Can't wait to listen to this, but being a new listener (be 1 year in October) I've always wondered what the intro music was. Should I recognize it? Will I be disowned for asking what it is?
  3. Torgo

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    Nah, it was provided by Joel's old band when Joel was with the podcast. We may actually have a new one in the works too...
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    Joel on a stick!

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    Sorry about the Vita question this week, I just hope that Sony doesn't get out of the handheld market.

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    Glenn, I think you should prank Josh when your at E3 for using that picture of you in the banner.
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    I tweeted some much updated predictions for E3 to Glenn and I hope he reads them... I rushed with the prediction email... I am sorry PS Nation family... Forgive my bleep-ups...
  8. honaker

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    I totally agree about the PS TV discussion. And Glenn, maybe you can put a bug in someone's ear about my idea (I tried to post it on the blog share, but it never made it up there--even though there's not already submitted by someone else).

    My idea for PSTV is this: allow the use of a PS Vita as a controller so that all of the PS Vita titles could work with the PSTV. Sure, some of the titles that are so touch-intensive wouldn't be too feasible, but at least titles like Lumines, Wipeout, and Uncharted Golden Abyss would be playable.
  9. brambler

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    If you could use the vita as a controller, then wouldn't every game work, no problem?

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  10. andyscout

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    I want the reverse. I'd love it if the Vita could use a PS4 controller.
  11. JHall03

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    I'm on the verge of buying a PSTV right now just hoping they get NETFLIX and Amazon Prime in the coming weeks. Half of the time my PS4 is on is only to stream TV from these two services. I really don't like having to do that. I was hoping for a new Apple TV announcement earlier this week, but got nothing.
  12. andyscout

    andyscout PSN: andyscout Staff Member

    Gawd Josh, stealing my "ps1/ps2 games on ps now" prediction. First Jason steals all my jrpg predictions and now this?! :)
  13. Brad Custer

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  14. honaker

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    I don't think your predictions were that similar. Yeah, we both want Persona 5, but you wanted a Ni no Kuni 2, but I actually want a new story with a similar game engine. I thought Ni no Kuni wrapped up pretty well.

    But Yakuza 5 is my #1 interest this year, and Yakuza Zero is another big one that I really want to see.

    Well, you actually kind of have that already with the PSTV DS4 support. It would be nice, but I just want to be able to play any and every PS Vita game on my PSTV.
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  15. andyscout

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    "Ni no Kuni 2" just means a similar game probably set in the same universe, not necessarily a direct sequel. I agree that the game wrapped up pretty well.

    See, that's not the same. I want to be able to lay in bed with my vita and a PS4 controller. I don't have a tv in my room so PSTV supporting DS4 is worthless to me.

    Every Vita game? Good luck playing Techinka Tune on PSTV. :)
  16. honaker

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    I know it wouldn't be feasible for every game, but at least every game would work...
  17. andyscout

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    I think the problem Sony is afraid of running into there is the situation where someone with a PSTV buys a game like Technika or Tearaway, which is nigh unplayable on the hardware, and gets upset wanting a refund.
  18. Brad Custer

    Brad Custer Well-Known Member

    Finally finished up the podcast this morning on my drive into work. Great stuff guys and your predictions about E3 has me even more excited about what we might see. There's one indy title that didn't come up that I hope we see more of and that's the game - Wild.

    BTW, a little clarification about the show, Gracepoint, it wasn't cancelled by Fox it was a limited series. They only planned on doing the 10 episodes based on the first season of Broad Church and that was it. I'm sure if they had a better reception to it though that they would have done another limited series based on season 2 of Broad Church.

    Finally, the last part about Bioware cracked me up. I'm guessing Dragon Age and Mass Effect aren't your cup of tea since you didn't think they were even up to anything now. ;-) I wouldn't be surprised to hear more about Mass Effect at E3.
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    Torgo made a brief mention to Pacman air hockey at the end and I don't think it gives the game justice. For anybody who is aware of an arcade near you, I strongly suggest to look for this. My wife and I were at one in the Wisconsin Dells and saw this. We both laughed so hard we could barely play.

    A short youtube video to see gameplay(not me)
  20. Brad Custer

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    That's the real problem there. I couldn't even tell you where there might be an arcade now in my area. Who would have thought in the 80's that they would vanish?