Episode 421 - Redcoats in the Civil War?

Discussion in 'The Podcasts' started by Torgo, Apr 28, 2015.

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    New releases. Silent Hills is no more. Overlord is coming back. CoD: Black Ops 3 revealed. New trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight. What we’re playing and watching. Review of ‘The Book of Negroes’. Review of ‘Project Root’. Email. Comedian is Bobcat Goldthwaite

    5:33 - Silent Hills
    10:20 - Overlord: Fellowship of Evil
    15:50 - Rock Band 3
    28:30 - Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
    41:57 - Batman: Arkham Knight
    1:04:20 - GTA V
    1:25:37 - Star Fox
    1:27:40 - Mario Kart 8
    1:30:45 - Destiny
    1:40:55 - Rocket League
    1:52:00 - Project CARS
    Break Music from Shadow of the Beast
    2:23:30 - Project Root
  2. andyscout

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    holy tangent Batman
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  3. andyscout

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    That Obama analogy in the comedy bit seems awfully apt.
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  4. Torgo

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    BTW, here are some pictures from the WWI battlegrounds in Ypres Belgium that I talked about

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  5. keithddunn

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    OMG! You totally quoted Airplane II The Sequel!! In the most obscure fashion! LOL!!!
    Also, my real life friend Suzan Perry plays a small supporting role in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She plays Sonja who has a hat that makes her invisible....SHE THINKS....LOL and no spoilers but in the season finale she has her favorite line "My birds like to watch!" LOL

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  6. Torgo

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    HA! Nice!

    Did she ever get her GED? :p
  7. keithddunn

    keithddunn Wait....what?

    LOL!! Suzan has actually offered to make my and Carlos's tuxedo vests and ties for our wedding as her wedding gift. She's a costumer as well. And the sweetest person ever! I met her in 2002 when we both worked at an off-Broadway theatre. I hope they continue to use her on the show!

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  8. Brad Custer

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    Another great podcast guys! I'm still a "noob" to it since I only discovered it back in October, but I haven't missed a week since then. You make my long commute more enjoyable each week. Thanks!

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  9. Torgo

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    Here's the PS4 wired controller I got from Play-Asia btw
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  10. keithddunn

    keithddunn Wait....what?

    Weird. I didn't see a touch-pad.

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  11. Torgo

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    because there isn't one
  12. Brad Custer

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    Oh, just one more thought about your podcasts in general. I really appreciate the effort you put in each week and how each one feels like a conversation between 3 good friends. Now, you might be scratching your head at the 3 part, but I'm including the listener because I know your podcasts make me feel like I'm part of it even though I never have anything to say just usually laughing. A lot. I know you shudder at the thought of making it to 800 episodes, but I for one hope you do because the options for other PS4 podcasts really doesn't exist anymore especially with the state of the one under new management.
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  13. JHall03

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    This episode made me realize there isn't a Fuddruckers in my state :(
    but I can always go to Smashburger and get a burger and then swing by Five Guys for some fries :)
  14. virtualromance1990

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    Im actually depressed about the Silent Hill announcement. I have been a Silent Hill fan since game one.
  15. TimHitchings

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    Project Root: A couple of things I noticed from playing. Currently I'm on level 6. The xp that you are seeing on the screen before entering a level is the current xp that you have available to purchase power ups. XP is collected during the game much like additional health and other power-ups. A blue cylinder icon represents xp and in the area where health is represented by a green bar, xp appears as a blue bar. When it reaches full you level up. Play enough times and you level up. Currently at colonel. With XP buy powerups. Makes it possible to get past the levels once you have leveled up. level 2 appears to be the only level where the radar is disabled as part of game play. Rest of the levels use the radar. The emp power is useful as it disables all firing of enemies within range for a short period .Unfortunately you can't hold more than one power-up at a time so be sure to fire the current power-up before acquiring the next. hope this helps.
  16. IceSamurai

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    Hhmmm time to think of a question for a voicemail. Im also a big scaredy cat so im happy SilentHills is being removed from the ps stores.

    The Book of Negroes. Im confliced and adding it to my back log of books or buying it on dvd/bluray. Either way Josh sold me on it.
  17. Josh

    Josh Co-Host of PS Nation

    Well I'll probably pick up the book at some point because it's obviously much deeper than the video
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  18. Beaver6622

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    I have a kind request for show when talking about games. When the two of you are a talking about a game you first say the title of the game and then after that refer to the game as "the game" or "it". When I listen to the show I might miss the beginning of a new game conversation, or tangent, and then I listen to the debate about said game but then in the back of my head I'm wondering "What game are they talking about?" So could you guys please mention the title of the game more or even bookend the conversation with title of the game? Thanks!
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  19. Torgo

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    Or you could listen harder..................................
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