Episode 420 - Remember Gilligan?

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    Episode 420 Post

    New releases. Star Wars Battlefront release date. Farming Simulator 15 to PS4. Ultra SFIV PS4 details. Journey hitting PS4 this year. Make Jeff Minter a millionaire. What We’re paying and watching. Review of MLB 15 The Show. Emails. Comedian is Maria Bamford

    1:04:27 - Farming Simulator 15
    1:09:29 - Ultra Street Fighter IV
    1:12:14 - Journey
    1:30:00 - Cloak & Dagger
    1:36:27 - Gran Turismo 6
    1:38:25 - We Are Doomed
    1:39:25 - Titan Souls
    1:41:50 - Battlefield Hardline
    1:44:45 - Mortal Kombat X
    1:45:30 - Shovel Knight
    2:03:35 - Battlefield 4
    Break music from Gradius V
    2:11:12 - MLB 15 The Show
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    Paused the episode in the middle and when I came back to it later, it was in the middle of Torgo talking about "changing his equipment to get different stat boosts and stuff." Thought he was talking about an RPG only to realize it was Road to the Show. :)

    Also, in response to the guy asking about the Vita's serial number.
    If you connect your Vita to a PC, and go to Computer. Right click the Vita, choose "properties" and the box that pops up will tell you the Vita's serial number. Here's an example: https://twitter.com/andyscout/status/591048464487747584
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    How long can Glenn not get that Fast & Furious dialogue is spot on intentional? "Cars can't fly." Mocking previous films and Foreshadowing. That's funny and clever writing. Bring on Fast Infinity (8) where they go into space!
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    Its was a cool episode.