Episode 417 - Verging on Furious

Discussion in 'The Podcasts' started by Torgo, Apr 4, 2015.

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    New Releases. Interview with Thomas Happ and Dan Adelman for Axiom Verge. April PS+ Update.AC Chronicles Trilogy revealed. OnLive shutting down, Sony buys their patents. What we’re playing and watching. Review of Axiom Verge. MGC. Comedian is Henry Cho

    10:45 - Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
    12:30 - Axiom Verge
    49:15 - Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Trilogy
    58:50 - RBI 15
    59:30 - MLB 15 The Show
    1:09:05 - GTA V
    1:33:27 - Playstation Vue
    Break Music from Axiom Verge
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  2. Carl_S

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    About time LOL
  3. JHall03

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    3:03:53 - Jonly Bonly lol

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  4. andyscout

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    I dunno. Even after seeing all three movies, I'm still kinda convinced that the Hunger Games movies are "Battle Royale for teenage girls."
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  5. Pvtforlife

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    Finally somebody who hates comcast as much as I do. I worked for them for years and instead of free internet and TV I was still paying for fios. Because they refused to fix a line in my area causing dropped packets making online gaming and streaming impossible.
  6. JHall03

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    LOL i just took a close look at the episode banner.
  7. LBEDZKI44

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    So Fast 7 was amazing
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  8. Wizard_of_Gore_

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    You missed the the kid in Freaks and Geeks best friend is the Canadian from Silicon Valley.

    That kid grew up fast and grew up weird!

    Welcome back Josh!
  9. Torgo

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    Yeah, Martin Starr. He's also in Party On. Leah Remini appeared in an episode too
  10. IceSamurai

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    I liked the interview alot. "Why hire someone for your hubby" will stick with me. That aside, not my favorite podcast. And furious 7 was great in my opinion.

    As i side note. I would have bet money that the comedian at the end was Bill Hicks because of the violent tone of the joke and a southern tone in his voice. And he didnt seem nice. But after googling henry cho i recognized him instalmently.
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  11. Josh

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    Did you catch mini Vin Diesel?
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  12. JHall03

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    Haha, yep. Nice work :)

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