Episode 414 - Fat Princess Clearinghouse

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    31:00 - Project Morpheus
    55:10 - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
    56:35 - Rock Band 4
    1:12:45 - Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yeti
    1:13:40 - Axiom Verge
    1:16:10 - Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars
    1:20:00 - CounterSpy
    1:26:00 - Q-Bert Reloaded
    Break music from Super R-Type
    1:38:03 - Powers
    1:56:35 - Fat Princess
    2:08:00 - DmC: The Definitive Edition
    2:20:00 - Helldivers
    Comedian is Natasha Leggero
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    "We should fill the forum with flashing ads."

    So I shouldn't have deleted all those spam posts?
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    No, those don't benefit us. We need ads that make us some revenue ;-)
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    Just strapping in for 414 ... and go!
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    LOL just heard the part about the Twitch rant. Funny thing is I made the comment about Torgo not being a true twitcher because he wasn't rambling non-stop. Guess you didn't see I said it or you would have known it was a joke haha. Funny rant though!

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    That was you? Ass :p
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