Episode 413 - Ammo Camo

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    New Releases. 3DRealms returns with ‘Bombshell’. Spring Fever 2015 on PSN. EA tries something new with ‘Premium’ for BF Hardline. ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove on Kickstarter. What we’re playing and watching. Break music from Toejam and Earl. Review of Helldivers. Review of The Carol Burnett Show: Together Again. Emails. Comedian is Brian Posehn
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  2. Another top-shelf episode Glenn and Josh!

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    BENNYMN New Member

    Another excellent episode.. Last spoilerriffic review was Metal Gear Solid 4.. Really liked those.. Feel free to do more.. :D

    Just realized my first episode of PSNation was 72.. That's 6 1/2 years.. I've been married for 7.. *mind blown*
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    I wanted to add an alternative solution to the one Glenn offered to the individual who was having a hard time connecting his PS4 to his Vita via remote play. Glenn's solution works but I think I have an easier and cheaper one. I was having this same issue and solved it by installing power-over-Ethernet adapters from my router (which sits in my garage) to my PS4 (which is on my 3rd floor). This is a plug and play solution that takes less than 5 mins to set up and costs only $30 via amazon (http://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-PA...25564649&sr=8-11&keywords=power+over+ethernet). This allows your internet connection to travel over the electrical wiring in your house. Simply plug one in to your router and the other into your PS4. Viola! For $30 your PS4 is now hardwired into your network infrastructure.

    Hope this helps!
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    Another entertaining episode. Based on the review, I've bought Helldivers.

    A Good Day To Die Hard is, among other negative things, the worst edited action film since Quantum of Solace.
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    I really had to cringe about all of the MS buying SEGA talk. I think that's probably my worst nightmare--MS owning Yakuza and all of the SMT and Persona series. We've seen what MS does to devs--it's where good devs go to die--and I really hope this scenario would never happen.

    I think that I would prefer Sony first and foremost to purchase Sega (I don't think they have the cash though). Namco, XSeed, and the last choice, Nintendo would be so-so for me for them to buy Sega. I don't really want Nintendo to buy Sega because, for one, many of their new games like Ishin and Yakuza 0 are already not going to be able to run on the Wii U, and also, I really hate Nintendo's region locking policy.

    Overall though, I think the best think Sega could do is promote someone from Atlus to run the operations and marketing of Sega. Atlus is way better at marketing and PR, and somehow Atlus is able to localize niche titles for the west and still make a profit. Anyway, I really hope there can be some pollination between Sega and Atlus soon, because the current management of Sega has really driven the NA branch into the ditch.
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    Nice shout out to the Mind Game Hunters! WHAT WHAT!!!
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    So I see Josh jumping on the bandwagon regarding 3rd person cover based shooters that have 1/2 walls, etc. First, lets talk about the bridge thing. The rebels and The Order have been contesting the bridge for awhile. That is why it is littered with blown up vehicles, cover spots, etc. Outside of story, that is the mechanic with these type of games.

    So I guess that if someone came out with a World War I game that had trenches in it then you would say that this "trench thing" is getting old. :)

    And then.... you go down on Thomas was Alone!!! WTF??? :) You want to talk about getting old? Platformer with rectangles that are not even as complex as Tetris pieces. A 5 minute timeout for you sir! LOL

    Mr. Percival,

    I do believe you used that exact same comedy bit at the end of this episode on a episode not too long ago. (Gummy Bears) Also, where was the David Lee Roth apology??? Have you no decency sir? Have you no shame? LOL

    As always, awesome show guys. Looking forward to The Order spoilercast in the future.
  9. Torgo

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    I did? darn it

    I will never apologize for choosing Van Hagar over Van Lee Roth
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    You sir, are the anti-christ! LOL

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    I love how lately in the podcast Torgo starts to speak quietly towards the end, don't want to wake up the parents? ; p .