Episode 411 - Not Long Enough

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    #New Releases

    Rugby 15 $49.99
    Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires $49.99
    Dragon Ball XenoVerse $59.99

    Rugby 15 $39.99
    Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late $39.99
    HORI Fighting EDGE for PlayStation 3, White $199.99

    PS Vita
    Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart $39.99

    Sony allows you to upgrade your sub account http://bit.ly/1E3fhVl
    Sony’s PlayStation Heroes Campaign http://bit.ly/1L81c9l

    #What We’re Playing and Watching

    #Review of Evolve
    #Review of The Order: 1886
    #Review of It Follows (Movie)

    23:00 – Everquest
    24:25 – LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
    37:55 – Driveclub
    44:12 – Super Stardust Ultra
    1:11:45 – Protector SE
    Break music from Valis IV
    1:25:26 – Evolve
    1:53:00 – The Order: 1886
    Comedian is Marc Maron
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  2. cromanillos

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    All that content and the title seems misleading lol I'll go to download it and find out.

    PSN.ID: erleikur
    Twitter: @cromanillos
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  3. brambler

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    Hah I have no life because I'm level 50 in Driveclub? You are a sicko with 54 consoles LOL

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  4. TimHitchings

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    Glenn, your time listing is missing the all important "listener name mentions". You mentioned my name at 45:15. I'd much prefer that you add a brass section fanfare in the future any time you mention a listener by name. Cause I'm sure you don't spend enough time editing already...sarcasm off now. Always a pleasure listening. Thanks
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  5. Eagle14b0

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    Another great show thank you for getting me through my work day!!
  6. Torgo

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  7. Avidacridjam

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    I'm sold on the review of It Follows. Will definitely check that out.
  8. Beaver6622

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    I like "Salty Fuck the Internet Glenn". Very amusing.
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  9. LBEDZKI44

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    I love the Order so far...cannot believe all the hate its getting
  10. ewhred

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    Haha "fuck you nerd" was mine

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  11. CrzyQbn

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    Great episode. I will definitely check out "it follows" that movie sounds brilliant. And yes the Order review was right on the money. Duck the haters..

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  12. Josh

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    I can't wait for more people to see it so I have someone to talk to.
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  13. meadeyd

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    You two were so ON with the comedy in this episode haha. "gotta pluck those chickens before you eat them" lol..

    Also "just because I don't know, doesn't mean I'm not right."
    All good stuff guys keep it up
  14. Torgo

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  15. meadeyd

    meadeyd Member

    Yes that! Haha i figured it was a reference but didn't know what it was. Uh -don't- know what it is. Still hilarious timing though
  16. Wizard_of_Gore_

    Wizard_of_Gore_ New Member

    Fleshy-headed mutants. Best movie within a movie! The blew up all the bowling alleys!

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  17. Torgo

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    The movie is 'Strange Brew' with Bob and Doug Mckenzie from and old Canadian show called SCTV. It's actually based on Macbeth too, which makes it even more awesome. It's an absolute classic and should be seen by EVERYONE.

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  18. meadeyd

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    Ok i have seen strange brew.. Guess I just don't remember that bit. Perhaps it's time to watch it again
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    meadeyd Member

    You totally quote strange brew all the time on the show
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    If i made my psnation forum acct through tapatalk (think i signed in with Gmail?) will it be the same info to login through the mobile site?