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Discussion in 'The Podcasts' started by Torgo, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. ewhred

    ewhred New Member

    Forums !!!!!!

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  2. Barzenak65

    Barzenak65 Active Member

    I will download tapatalk as well. Have an iphone as well so will see how it works on ios.
  3. Barzenak65

    Barzenak65 Active Member

    I saw the new MLB The Show 15 is 70 bucks. Is that the regular version? I have been skipping every other year as I do in Madden. I had 13 so 15 is a must get but did they up the price or is this one a special edition?
  4. Barzenak65

    Barzenak65 Active Member

    Josh, cool you got through Madden to the super bowl. I have yet to ever do that but with 15 I may push through to do it once. Between the backlog on pc, ps3/4, vita ,life, kids, work,other hobbies I am one to hardly ever finish anything...lol ~~~!
  5. Google4206

    Google4206 New Member

    Man good show guys still waiting on Josh's book club to start up after the star wars books and ready player one it's always intresting to hear what you guys are reading
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  6. Carl_S

    Carl_S Well-Known Member

    THIS !!!


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  7. LBEDZKI44

    LBEDZKI44 Active Member

    I think it was a spoiler lol
  8. Barzenak65

    Barzenak65 Active Member

    I am reading "Dean and Me" about the greatness of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in the 50s. Interesting even if you are not a fan. That was an amazing time in history.
  9. LBEDZKI44

    LBEDZKI44 Active Member

    @Josh I cannot wait to hear about that movie it follows! I just watched the trailer and it looks awesome
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  10. LeeorV

    LeeorV Member

    Torgo LIED!!!111

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  11. JHall03

    JHall03 Well-Known Member

    Not a spoiler

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  12. Wizard_of_Gore_

    Wizard_of_Gore_ New Member

    I had a Juliens Sands sighting on TV too. He plays an Eastern Orthodox warrior priest in the show Banshee.

    Crazy, entertaining show, Over the Freaking top!
  13. John B. aka Johni3w6

    John B. aka Johni3w6 Active Member

    Not really a spoiler but could be for some, and I agree with Glenn about Cars, not good.
  14. meadeyd

    meadeyd Member

    Downloaded tapatalk just so i could gain easy access to the new psnation forum! After the countless notifications I ignored about using tapatalk haha. I like what you guys do with the podcast (though I sometimes wonder if there are more hours in your day than mine)
    Keep up the good work guys
  15. Torgo

    Torgo Grand Poobah Staff Member

    Everything works really well in a mobile browser btw, including the shoutbox
  16. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    I need to reset my history on my phone or cookies on my PC. I can't get in other than tapatalk

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