Episode 410 - Free to Play

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  1. Torgo

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    2:04 - Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
    5:10 - The Order: 1886
    13:00 - MLB 15 The Show
    21:01 - RBI Baseball 15
    28:10 - Destiny
    31:05 - Treasure Park
    40:50 - Saints Row IV: ReElected
    1:12:50 - Fat Princess: Piece of Cake
    1:20:19 - Apotheon
    1:24:00 - Battlefield Hardline
    Break music from Sonic CD (JP)
    Comedian is Richard Jeni
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  2. coalponfire

    coalponfire Member

    The Show, YES... RBI Baseball, NO! Can't wait to listen..

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  3. IceSamurai

    IceSamurai Member

    Not a spoiler
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  4. LeeorV

    LeeorV Member

    I'm in the middle of listening to it, PSNation always makes my ride to work better.

    150$ for that order edition though...
  5. tomhlord

    tomhlord Member

    Yeaah! Just downloaded the latest ep through Stitcher and added PSNation to Tapatalk. Good morning!
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  6. Eagle14b0

    Eagle14b0 Member

    Another great show guys!
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    BENNYMN New Member

    Incinerator is a spoiler... Kinda..
  8. Mercenary09

    Mercenary09 Member

    Yep but it is worth it for that statue and Vial.
  9. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    Sportsfriends on ps4 supports move controllers as well

    Psn: anndwh
    Twitter: @D_Hunt
  10. andyscout

    andyscout PSN: andyscout Staff Member

    I just got to that point in the podcast too, and was coming to post it. Gotta point out every time Glenn is wrong. :)
  11. Vader202

    Vader202 New Member

    Great show as always. What i wanna know is if I change my PS3 hardrive can I transfer my files/Games/Saves Over?
  12. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    If you have plus back all your games save to the cloud.

    Backing your games up can take a while and a lot of space. Better off just resdownloading the games.

    You can also put game saves on a thumb drive

    Psn: anndwh
    Twitter: @D_Hunt
  13. CrzyQbn

    CrzyQbn Active Member

    Damn, Glenn I had pre-ordered the $79 collectors edition of The order but now that I know I can hide my weed in the art book I need to get the $149 version.
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  14. brambler

    brambler Well-Known Member

    Not a spoiler

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  15. tylerdog2k5

    tylerdog2k5 New Member

    I'm just happy I got a name drop from Josh

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  16. keithddunn

    keithddunn Wait....what?

    Also that Rabbids game!
  17. coalponfire

    coalponfire Member

    Truth not a spoiler.
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  18. David Freeman

    David Freeman Member

    Finally caught up! Every time I get a new Audio book my podcasts suffer :)
  19. mechaball

    mechaball New Member

    Installed Tapatalk thingie after hearing it in the podcast. Never knew of such thing.
  20. Finklemyre

    Finklemyre Member

    Me too. I got it for iPhone and have had no issues so far. I never knew about it either. This is awesome because before I never could remember to check the forums.

    Now I'm ready to be an active member of the Playstation Nation Community!!!

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