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  1. John B. aka Johni3w6

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    Just finished up episode # 207 and Sounds like I may have to get Saint's Row Gat out of Hell. Though I haven't played 4 was glad to hear that one didn't have to have played it previously.
    Enjoyed the break off into music and some of the early influences both of you had.

    College radio was a big influence on me, so many great bands that came out during that era. Can remember when I had to go to bed I would place an audio cassette in my parent's stereo and hit record and get 45 minutes and if I was lucky stay awake and then come out and switch sides.
    I first herd the Dead Milkmen what way, with Bitchin' Camaro. My appreciation of music expanded when I would be at my grand parents house from the ages of 5-8 and would go through my parent's record collection which was in storage there. To this day the Beatles White Album if my favorite Beatles album.
    It's my music collection that grows faster than my game collection.
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  2. IceSamurai

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    I was very confused about this post sooo i just re played podcast 207. Im new to psnation to the point where i only know Glenn & Josh.

    So here's my high lights of 207

    1. Theres 3 host Joel, Josh, and Glenn.

    2. Joel told Josh he had to beat Just Cause 2 bye MGC (in one week).

    3. Joel & Glenn mistake a Game Informer cover page Saints Row 3 for JUST CAUSE 3 and try to think of a way to break this information to Josh.

    4. Dynasty Warriors 76 was released. Starring such stars as Yank gangs and gangs with the clown make up . " Warriors.. Come out and Play'Ee'a " - Glenn.

    5*. Josh brought up " Smack My B***h Up by The Prodigy " when talking about Tomb Raider Solitaire

    6. Glenn was pushing the forums... STILL!

    7. Josh said " im going to sell a bunch of these UMDs and pick them up on psn ". (What happen to physical copies man... J/k)

    8. Podcast play time : 2.37.13. (So its short).

    9. IMO, you guys pulled no punches at all. It seems like night and day from now and then. And your potty mouths where... Wow.

    There where more but thats what grabbed me the most. Over all it some fun and theres little to no charges. I would like to know what happen to Joel. 4/5 stars , could have more tangents and 2 more hours.

    Number 5 in my post. The trailer to Just Cause 3 is playing Prodigy - Firestarter (remix) . Was that for Josh.
    CONSPIRACY confirmed.
  3. John B. aka Johni3w6

    John B. aka Johni3w6 Active Member

    The music discussion started around the 2 hr mark. I was just commenting about that.
  4. coalponfire

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    College radio was also a big influence on myself and continues to be to a certain extent. I listen to the Princeton Uni radio station WPRB.. It's at 103.3 locally and is in the commercial band because it was the first FM college radio station in the country. Most community stations are much lower in the dial. Think 88.1 or something like that.. Perhaps Josh even listened to WPRB where he grew up as it's an institution of sorts in the PhillySouthJersey region..

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  5. IceSamurai

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    Lol i understand, i just read the numbers so i went back to that podcast.
  6. Josh

    Josh Co-Host of PS Nation

    I'm sure I probably picked the stuff up on PSN but I guarantee I didn't sell the UMD's - I still have everything I started with
  7. IceSamurai

    IceSamurai Member

    Lol i wouldnt expect you or my self to to have the same opinions from years ago. People, technology, and views change. I just thought it was funny. (The post it self was meant to be funny...it wasnt )

    But keeping UMDs idk odd but ive heard your opinion on this agreement so i understand.
  8. Josh

    Josh Co-Host of PS Nation

    Absolutely I listened to WPRB a ton. They were playing the music that none of the other stations would. I loved it :)