Destiny - *Official* Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussions' started by cromanillos, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member

    Good luck with screenshots.

    Psn: anndwh
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  2. keithddunn

    keithddunn Wait....what?

    It's on PS4....and LEAVE ME ALOOOOONE!!!! *sobs quietly*
  3. cromanillos

    cromanillos Member

    Alexito14 I may be on tonight, if not, then surly on the weekend, I'll look for you.

    PSN.ID: erleikur
    Twitter: @cromanillos
  4. ArmorFist

    ArmorFist Member

    I've got a 28 hunter and haven't done the raid or weekly strikes before. Now that the forums are here might be a little easier to organize it now. I'd be up for playing sometime also. I'll probably be on this weekend or sometime next week.

    PSN: ArmorFist
  5. milktoast22

    milktoast22 Member

    Anybody that wants can add me. PSN ID - Milktoast22. I can help with Weekly Heroics/Nightfalls. I need help with both raids as I haven't done them before. I have 3 lvl 31 Warlocks
  6. keithddunn

    keithddunn Wait....what?

    PSN says you do not exist. Milktoast22 is your PSN name?!

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  7. keithddunn

    keithddunn Wait....what?

    Well.....nice try. The game disallows THREE of the same designation. You can't HAVE 3 Warlocks. Go pester someone else.

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  8. keithddunn

    keithddunn Wait....what?

    And as a warning, SEE that picture of me looking focussed and serene with a finger stuck squarely up my nose? I did not get this way by being prey to small-minded internet jokers and trolls. That picture is more than humorous, it's a statement.
    Do not EVER THINK you can fudge with ME, Missy! This is FAR from my first day at the rodeo.

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  9. keithddunn

    keithddunn Wait....what?

    Having said all that shit....after TWO popped-up on the PSN search! ARE YOU IN WALES?!?!?!
    I apologize for calling you a troll and thinking you were a fucking lunatic.
    In order to pay my penance, I offer you this pic of me taken LIVE RIGHT NOW after a week of work and in a messy state having worn a hat all day, every day:

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  10. milktoast22

    milktoast22 Member

    Well....that was awkward. I'm in Cali. Don't know why it didn't come up for you. I have three Warlocks. Switch level 31 gear between them thus giving me 3 level 31 Warlocks. Yes the game does allow that. Rarely/never speak on any forums. I'm 38 and like to consider myself somewhat mature. I've never "trolled" in my life. Thanks for getting me off to a fine start the first time I put myself out there. Much appreciated....
  11. milktoast22

    milktoast22 Member

  12. keithddunn

    keithddunn Wait....what?

    As I said, my mistake. And sincerely, welcome aboard!

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  13. Scoomp

    Scoomp New Member

    First cat fight of the forums congrats to you both. Kidding aside. I am welcome to helping ppl on nightfalls and heroic strikes as well. I know my way around the raids as well. Just putting together the correct team to get them done is another story.
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  14. keithddunn

    keithddunn Wait....what?

    Blah! I'm an asshole sometimes.

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  15. jahonius88

    jahonius88 Well-Known Member

    Wow three warlocks! Makes gearing easier I guess. Welcome aboard hope to be playing with you soon

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  16. Scoomp

    Scoomp New Member

    Aren't we all
  17. DarthLudicrous

    DarthLudicrous New Member

    Achievement unlocked! Wait wrong system... Trophies Yo!
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  18. LBEDZKI44

    LBEDZKI44 Active Member

    PS Nation should start a clan
  19. DarthLudicrous

    DarthLudicrous New Member

    We already have one, although I don't know the max number of people that can join.