Contest: Marvel's Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC EXTENDED Till 12/7

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    We’re giving away codes for Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC courtesy of PlayStation. This DLC pack requires the Marvel’s Spider-Man base game. The City That Never Sleeps includes access to the three story expansions for the game as they become available which are:

    “Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist – Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat, is back in town and leaving mysterious clues around Marvel’s New York to toy with Spider-Man.

    Marvel’s Spider-Man: Turf Wars – Spider-Man must put an end to the turf war erupting between the Maggia crime family and gang leader Hammerhead before Marvel’s New York becomes its greatest casualty.

    Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining – Story information revealing soon available for download December 2018.”
    The contest will run from now till December 6th Noon Central and the three randomly selected winners (one code each) will be direct messaged through the forums..

    Share your favorite Spider-Man memories or moments below and good luck!
  2. The time when Spidey lands on the rooftop party and everyone continues to dance like it it's GTA vice City.
  3. Or just web slinging
  4. andyscout

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    I loved it when he tried to stop the subway train like in the Sam Raimi movies and goes “that worked last time!” when it failed.
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  5. tpaullin

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    Taking photos of the locations from other Marvel properties was so cool. I took so many screenshots but never shared. I didn’t want to be that guy who spoiled it.

    And of course, the Stan cameo.

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  6. Ed Schilke

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    I loved the swinging through the city with the aerial tricks . They got it right!
  7. Beaver6622

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    I played about 4 hours during extra life and when i know this a fun open world game is when i can't stop just looking around. For about 4 hours all i was a crime stopper. I'm afraid to go back because i might not come out for awhile.

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  8. Justin Branum

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    Mine is the spider cop jokes! Also the tie ins with Miles Morales.

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  9. Fury 1947

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    May contains spoilers
    Spidey creating the anti ock suit scene every thing about was fantastic i mean the music the realisation of how high the stakes were quintessential spiderman and i wouldnt have it any other way
  10. FrozenVapors

    FrozenVapors New Member

    My favorite moment is the Stan Lee cameo when he tells Peter and Mary Jane that they were always his favorite.
  11. BumGoot

    BumGoot New Member

    Climbing to the top of Avengers tower, diving off, and executing a web swing at the last second.
  12. PSfan4Life22

    PSfan4Life22 New Member

    All of the Spider Cop stuff was my favorite moment. It's rare that a game can get me to laugh at it.
  13. Randy Sprouse

    Randy Sprouse New Member

    Love the dramatic music playing while simply swinging through the city
  14. jpayant70

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    ***Just adding my favorite moments-I don't need to be part of the contest***

    I would have to say in general, Photo Mode is my favorite part of the game. Spent a lot of time playing in there.

    My favorite specific moment honestly is how the game just thrusts you right into the fight with Fisk. Set up what to expect the rest of the way.

    Also, I love the characterization of MJ.
  15. Goofy_16

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    The web slinging and how it translates to the feeling of actually being Spiderman, as well as the realism of places both places in real life and from the cinematic universe. Also the way they updated J.J.J to a podcaster who responds to your actions (or inaction)
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  16. The1stMJC

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    I'm Extending the contest another 24 hours it will now end on Friday December 7th at 8pm central
  17. Anguawolf

    Anguawolf New Member

    Spider-Man related, but not really from the game: Watching "Homecoming" with my kids in a new theater. Good times!
  18. jayhest

    jayhest New Member

    Hmm ... I posted the day the contest went live. Some reason it’s gone now.

    I really loved how how you can just feel how hard Yuri rolls her eyes every time “Spider-Cop” is around. It makes it even better knowing that the voice actors for Pete and Yuri are married. She really sells the embarrassment, because it’s genuine.
  19. Ian Bellout

    Ian Bellout New Member

    Hey, I would like to join this contest!
    For my favorite moment, I actually have 2. All the Spider-Cop conversations (i know I am cheating because there's a bunch of them) and the Doc Ock reveal.
  20. Darkside21

    Darkside21 New Member

    Not from the game, but I loved Homecoming. I felt like it was the perfect Spider-Man movie and a great way to reboot the franchise into the MCU.